St Joseph’s Pre-5 Unit Open Day

A wonderful day was had by all as St. Joseph’s Pre-5 Unit opened their doors to all the parents of the school as well as the Pre-5 Unit last week. The recent new development to the school comprises a lovely, brand new, state-of-the Art Pre-5 Unit and all the local parents are delighted with this new service being provided on the school premises. The modern, ‘natural look’ theme is obvious throughout with beautiful new resources for the very lucky children who attend here.

Such is the commitment of the Pre-5 staff that they stayed on to welcome all parents and give those parents a chance to get to know them and to talk parents through the set up and resources now available for local children. ‘This is fantastic’, said one parent of the school, ‘I wish this had been here when my child was Pre-5 age’.

Everyone had a lovely time and the school is delighted with the new service being provided. The Family Learning Centre continues to be developed in conjunction with the local community… more exciting developments at St. Joseph’s to come!

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  1. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work, I am pleased the Children have all settled and the Parents are positive about the Unit.

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