Achaleven Adventures

We had heard that an amazing plane was coming to visit Connel Airport. As it was just along the road, we decided to go for a visit. Not only did we get a visit inside the Catalina, we also learned some fantastic facts from members of the crew. We were also very surprised to see vintage cars parked around the plane. We had so many questions about the plane and the cars that we decided to tackle a topic on Transport – Then and Now.

Word must have spread, as a steam train passed through Connel Ferry station on its way to Oban, so, of course we went along to see it too. It was very big, noisy and smelly and we were all covered in wee black spots once it had passed!!

We had seen many different forms of transport, so we decided to go on our own adventure. P5 had been challenged to use time skills to read timetables to find out how many different ways we could travel from Connel and back in a school day. We set off on our adventure – we travelled to Oban by train, then caught the Ferry to Mull, had our lunch on the ferry and came home on the bus! It was a brilliant adventure – the only problem being, we’ve come back to school with more questions. So now we need to get the water out and find out why the big boat didn’t sink!!!

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  1. What an exciting day! I would have loved to see the Catalina. You are very lucky!

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