Interplanetary Pioneer – Fergus Glen-Lee

Fergus Glen-Lee from Oban High School has been invited to join Fuselab at Edinburgh University to plan life for future civilizations in the event of an evacuation of Earth.
Fergus saw the avert on SAL for the opportunity for young Scots to join the team made up of business and academia from North West European Communities. Fergus had to demonstrate his creative and divergent thinking to get through the selection process and has been chosen to spend a week at Edinburgh University.
He has been warned that he will be spending a minimum of 75 hours having his creativity tested and he will learn how to turn his ideas into reality, planning for the challenges humanity will face if life has to restart on another planet. Fergus has been told he will be plunged into the unknown and will leave the experience seeing our current world through fresh eyes.

Good Luck Fergus. Live Long and Prosper.

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