Author , Kenneth Steven, at Lochnell

We were delighted to have a visit from children’s author Kenneth Steven just before we closed for the holiday. Author of wonderful stories like Fergus Finds a Friend, The Biggest Thing in the World and The Sea Mice and the Stars chose to visit Lochnell Primary INSTEAD of travelling to Norway where he was to be awarded Best Children’s Picture Book of the year.

“I’d rather be here”, said Kenneth who had joined all of the classes after P1s from Lochnell and Achaleven schools were looking for someone to help them be inspired to become full time writers. “It’s great to receive such a fantastic award but even better to spend time with the people for whom I write”.

Kenneth read stories and poems, answered questions and explained how books were “born”.

Later that evening he did a poetry and prose reading at The Lochnell Arms Hotel where interested adults joined him for an excellent evening of readings and reflection.

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