Luing Primary School, Project on Castles

Continuing our project on castles, all of the pupils were asked to research a castle for homework. They could record their findings in any way they wished, written work, pictures, photos, models or a combination of any of these.

There was much excitement on Monday when the children brought their work to school; fantastically created models small and large appeared, with one small model being edible! Everybody was impressed by the thought and work put into these models.

The children then gave their presentation about their chosen castle; lots of interesting facts were learnt. The presentations ended with the storming and demolition of Dunnottar Castle – very much enjoyed by all.
Well done to all of the children for their wonderful, creative and beautiful presentations.

1 thought on “Luing Primary School, Project on Castles

  1. Fantastic work. I’m really looking forward to tasting my piece of Dunnottar Castle which I am assured is safely in the fridge at the school.

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