Dalmally catches the Book Bug!

The Early Years Class celebrated book week by reading the three books gifted to children in P1 as part of the book bug scheme. After reading ‘Jack and the Flumflum tree,’ they discussed what they would put in the patchwork sack. Some great ideas included stilts to get the fruit down from the tree, a rubber ring to rescue Stu and a big plaster to plug the hole in the boat. The children then made their own patchwork sack using collage materials.
‘The day Louis got eaten’ inspired the children to write their very own unfortunate story where the poor characters were stomped on by a T-rex, chased by an angry bear and pecked at by a nasty bird, before falling into a ginormous muddy puddle!
After reading ‘Solomon Crocodile,’ the children enjoyed creating a splatter paint Solomon. The paint managed to get everywhere!
At the end of the week everyone voted for their favourite story. The result was a tie between ‘Jack and the Flumflum tree’ and ‘The day Louis got eaten.’ The children really liked the monster characters in ‘The day Louis got eaten’ and found the Isle of Blowyernose, in ‘Jack and the Flumflum tree,’ a hilarious name for an island. Both books had them roaring with laughter.

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