‘Elephant Angel’ in Kintyre!! (It was a sell out)

Scottish Opera visited Kintyre last week and put on a fabulous show at Campbeltown Grammar. 7 local primaries had encouraged their P7 pupils to embrace the chance of working with SO to help stage the performance. Pupils contributions included: writing original material, graphic design, advertising and marketing, singing and acting, front of house and prop building.

In total 65 pupils were involved all of whom came to the performance with 35 being part of the chorus on stage. SO rehearsed with these 35 pupils for 2 days and the entire company thrilled an audience of 340 with their version of a ‘The Elephant Angel’.

It is a heart-warming show for audiences of all ages by composer Gareth Williams and acclaimed novelist Bernard MacLaverty. Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a lady zoo keeper who takes a baby elephant home with her each night during the Belfast Blitz, looking after it and keeping it safe with the help of the children who live near by.

High School pupils also helped during the day with chaperoning pupils and putting up an exhibition of artwork resulting from the project which was displayed in the foyer.

“I really enjoyed the job I had. I thought the show was quite good and I liked the elephant.”
Finlay p7

5 thoughts on “‘Elephant Angel’ in Kintyre!! (It was a sell out)

  1. It was brilliant. Both teams of children did well – both on and off stage. There were lots of elephants – all great. The audience was huge and really enjoyed it.

  2. It really was a very special evening. A huge audience sat in total silence as the story of the elephant who was saved in the Blitz was told. The children from Kintyre were wonderful. Both their singing and expressions showed how involved they had become in the project. I particularly liked the children who were in charge of the ‘front of house’ who were all dressed up in white shirts and black bow ties.

    This was an evening that the children will never forget – curriculum for excellence in action!

  3. It’s a pity we couldn’t take photies on the night of the children performing. However, that aside, it was a great production. Well done to all involved.

  4. A great evening and great to see all the children obviously enjoying their different roles
    My cousin was playing french horn in the orchestra and said that another member of the cast said this was the best group of children they had worked with so far.
    Well done Kintyre!

  5. My son is part of the Scottish Opera cast and he said is was a delight to work with the children in Campbeltown.

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