St Andrew’s Primary School (World Down Syndrome Day)

Our HT Miss Seery introduced the teaching of Makaton and BSL and the children LOVE it. They sing and sign simultaneously and it is wonderful to listen to and watch. It has become a normal part of our school week so we don’t really think it’s out of the ordinary.

On 21st March (World Down Syndrome Day) the children invited our friend, Thomas Lilley, to talk to us about life with Down Syndrome. We wore our colourful odd socks and we loved hearing about Thomas’ varied interests – singing, archery, driving lessons and of course his work on Wednesday afternoons with our janitor, Mr Dickson. Thomas works at the local co-op too.

The children then sang and signed a song for Thomas which his Mum filmed (with our consent). We put the video on the school Facebook page and the BSL teacher shared it to the local Isle of Bute page.

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