Tarbert Academy Moral Conference

Senior pupils in Tarbert Academy took part in a Moral Conference at the end of October. This ‘Question Time’ style event found pupils asking questions about Scotland’s future, footballers’ wages, the issues surrounding foreign aid at a time of recession and current debates on marriage. Pupils achieved highly in setting questions, taking part in debate and listening sensitively to a wide variety of views. Anne Paterson praised the pupils highly – as did the panel members. Pupil feedback is highly positive regarding our Moral Conference.

The panel comprised (from left to right in our photograph) Ms Marilyn Shedden (Formerly National Oncology Manager, Church of Scotland Elder and local paper columnist), Rev Donald Morrison (Free Church Minister, Lochgilphead), Panel Chairperson – Mrs Anne Paterson (Quality Improvement Manager and Head of Primary Education in Argyll and Bute), Mrs Clare Marsh (Education Officer for the Humanist Society of Scotland) and Dr Elizabeth Ireland (National Clinical Lead on Palliative Care and End of Life Issues)

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