Heartstart training for P6/7s at Sandbank Primary

The Primary 6/7 class at Sandbank were all lucky enough to receive training in first aid last week, as part of their Health Week activities. Heartstart trainer, Melville, visited our class and showed us how to deliver basic first aid, including CPR, and what to do if someone is choking. We all enjoyed trying out CPR using the Resusci Annie mannequins and practising to deliver abdominal thrusts using the choke vest.

Melville had lots of interesting experiences to tell us as he also works as a paramedic for the Scottish Ambulance Service, and the children had lots of interesting questions to ask him.

Hopefully we never have to use the techniques we learned but if we do come across an emergency situation then we are well placed to deal with it. Big thanks to Melville for giving up his time to come and see us!

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