Dunoon Primary School Learning Centre – Circus Skills Workshop

As part of our topic, “The Circus is in Town”, pupils from Dunoon Primary School Learning Centre had the opportunity to visit Dunoon Grammar School today where one of their Drama teachers, Mr Pearson, organise a circus skills workshop.

After telling us a little bit about the different skills we could try and equipment we would need, Mr Pearson then worked with us to help us to learn these new skills. We tried juggling with balls, scarves and hoops, using the diablo, baton twirling and flicking and plate spinning. Our favourite was plate spinning because Mr Pearson could start the plates for us and we just had to hold on to them. He also helped us to throw the diablo into the air but we weren’t very good at catching it. Once we all had a turn of the different things, we took it in turns to show our new skills to the others. It was quite hard to perform and not make mistakes.

We had a really fun time and we hope that we might be able to go back to the Grammar School for another workshop. Mr Pearson has unicycles which we might be allowed to try!

Our teachers, Doreen and Alison, would like to thank Mr Pearson for organising such a fun and interactive workshop which the children (and staff!) really enjoyed.

By Lily-Mae and Rhiyanna

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