Skills Week at Achaleven.

Achaleven’s Got Skills!
12th – 16th June was a very busy time at Achaleven Primary!

We packed in a lot in a short space of time starting with tag rugby with Allan and Ellie who put us through our paces, kept us active and we worked together well to achieve great results. We planned a trip to Glen Nant for the Wednesday so this involved creating a risk assessment.

We had to think about what would be appropriate clothing and footwear, we learned how to stay safe in an open space and discovered a great deal about the flora and fauna in a new area not too far from home – we can now take our families back here in the holidays.

Thursday was Beach Clean Day and we worked with Janie Steele from the Grab Trust to clean up an area of the beach across from the Oyster Inn which we are adopting. The first thing we had to do was measure out 100 metres for our surveying area so we using varying lengths of rope to do this and used markers to designate the area. We started at the picnic spot because although this isn’t the beach the rubbish here could easily blow into the sea and harm sea creatures. We found a variety of things from a disposable bbq kit to nappies and on the beach there was a great deal of plastic that was stuck in the rocks. Janie explained that this breaks up and then washes into the sea and turtles and other creatures thing they are jellyfish and eat them, doing immense damage. We took our haul back to school and after lunch put it all into categories and logged the information on our survey.

We finished the week in style with our Den Day in aid of Save the Children. We love building dens in our garden although the weather wasn’t as kind so we built inside this time. Team-work, problem-solving and accessorising were the order of the day as a multitude of new structures popped up around the school. We also learned about how lucky we are to have a safe place to live and how some children and families are not as fortunate.

We had a fantastic week, learned a lot and discovered it feels great to help others!

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