Drumlemble Primary School – Skipping Sponsorship for The British Heart Foundation

The children at Drumlemble have been taking part in skipping lessons in the school as part of The British Heart Foundation – Healthy Heart program.

The children from, Primary 1 – 7, took part in a sponsored skipping event called Jump Off, on Friday 9th June, to raise money to help fund BHF research which will help to prevent, predict and try to cure heart disease. The charity relies on the generosity of sponsors to help them continue this life saving work.

The children raised an impressive £383 and the school will share 20% of the funds raised.

The Co-Op in Campbeltown also very generously donated to the school plenty of bottles of water and fresh fruit which the children enjoyed after their event.

As well as the skipping event the children have also been taking part in the British Heart Foundations Heart Start Program where they have been learning how to:

* deal with an unconscious person
* recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest
* perform CPR
* deal with choking
* respond to serious bleeding.

The BHF are determined to transform the UK into a Nation of Lifesavers: a country where everyone knows how to save a life.

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