A new outdoor classroom for Lochgoilhead Primary.

The timber for our outdoor classroom has been delivered and so now the hard work begins as Chas, from ArborAntics, starts the building process. We have a marquee set up to keep the rain away as he builds. The wood being used for the structure is Larch, chosen for its durability. A big thank you to Mrs Wynne for helping us to organise our new outdoor classroom, as well as Tesco Bags of Help for making this happen. Exciting times!

On Wednesday, the children from the Big Class experienced a great morning working with Chas on the Outdoor Classroom. Once ‘gloved-up’ they got the chance to use traditional draw knives to strip the bark and cambium (fibrous layer beneath the bark) from the larch logs which will form the main supports of the structure. By counting the age rings, the children discovered that the logs being used were approximately 30 years old.

All the children listened well, perfected the technique quickly and worked hard. Despite the work being very physical and the midges extremely rife, a good time was had by all.

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