Hermitage Primary School P7 Technology Challenge

hermitage-ps-dec-2016-tech-challenge-1On Tuesday 6th December the Hermitage Primary School P7 Technology Challenge came to a close with the group presentations to an audience of invited judges and guests. Using skills in Technology, Maths, Language, Science and PSD, the pupils had to work in cooperative groups to plan and design a working electrical vehicle which was supported by a good business plan. They kept track of their progress in a booklet using the Book Creator Ipad app and delivered their presentations supported by a Keynote presentation

After much delibertation, the judges – Mrs Fletcher of Hermitage Academy and Mr Malloy, of Magnox – delivered the results. The winners were New Horizons. In his summing up speech, Mr Malloy commented on the quality of the children’s presentations and the attention to detail of the models. Well done Primary 7!


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