Furnace and Minard Pupils Go Gruffalo Hunting

furnace-and-minard-gruffalo-2Last Friday, while the ‘bigger’ pupils were off learning how to become Digital Leaders, Furnace and Minard ‘littler’ pupils decided to go off on a Gruffalo Hunt to Ardkinglas Gardens to have some outdoor fun and learn some more Scots words. The crispy cold day added to the sense of adventure, especially as we had recently read The Gurffalo’s Child. We followed the little mouse’s directions past Tod’s ‘deep-dooon hoose’, Hoolet’s “tree-tap hoose” and Snake’s “log-hoose”.

furnace-and-minard-gruffalo-1Here is what Chloe Taylor P5 said about our visit: “Before we left we got a story about the Gruffalo then we put on waterproofs on to keep us dry and then we got into the cars. We went to a place called ARDKINGLAS Woodland Trail. We started at the mouse and got a map to show us where to go. We saw lots of little books that told us a little bit about the story. At lunch we saw a robin and it had lunch with us and Jessica found a cave man club. At the end we found the Gruffalo we also found a Gruffalo teddy. I liked it because I thought was fun and I liked having lunch with a robin.”

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