Coding at Minard and Furnace Primaries

furance-and-minard-coding-1Pupils at Minard and Furnace Primaries were very fortunate last week to have developed their coding skills through two mini-technology days led by Steven Simpson of Argyll & Bute Council. The technology days came about as a result of pupil feedback saying they were really keen to learn more about coding. Steven came along to both primaries armed with Raspberry Pi, Lego We Do 2.0 (programmable lego) and ‘Flying Spiders’ (drones). Steven also showed us how to make mini-film trailers using Ipads.

Below are some photos and quotes from the pupils.
Jeremi (P6 Minard) said “I really enjoyed learning about the App called “Tickle” and programming movements for the ‘Flying Spider’ “.
Marie (P6 Furnace) said “It was great because we had fun while learning a lot more about technology and programming”.
Andrew (P6 Furnace)) said “We were learning new skills and working well together.”
Kaine (P6 Minard) said “It was amazing, I really liked the programmable lego.”
Before he left Steven showed us how to make our very own QR code which will be in our next school newsletters.


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  1. The children we very keen right from the word go. I enjoyed working with the pupils and they all engaged and communicated well with each other in every topic. They showed great teamwork and communication skills during the course of the 2 days.

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