New creativity documents available!

Jenny cast map 1Please visit SALi for a list of documents on creativity and expressive arts that you can download including a suite of eight infographics which explain why creativity is integral to Curriculum for Excellence.
Click HERE and then enter the ‘CREATIVITY’ section.
The following is included:
Creativity, The Big Picture: Shows how creativity relates to each of the four capacities. Defines creative learning, teaching and environments.
What are Creativity Skills?: Identifies how creativity skills might be demonstrated by learners.
What are Creativity Skills? (for learners): Presents the four core creativity skills and shows key aspects.
What is Creativity? (for early years): A visual stimulus about creativity skills for young learners.
Why are Creativity Skills Important for Attainment?: Explains how creative learning can help all learners reach their full potential.
Why is Creativity Important to Employers?: Explains why creativity skills are essential in employment.
Debunking Creativity Myths: Challenges some commonly held assumptions about creativity.
Support and Resources for Creativity: Provides information on additional resources and support available.

There are documents from Education Scotland and our own CPD notes and Art Pack downloads.

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