Skills Ahoy!

Shipmates at Furnace Pirate, sorry, primary school celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday by learning a whole host of skills with a piratey flavour. 

Through a day of cooperative learning activities, children from Primary 2-7 practised a whole host of skills and developed their school values.  Pirate games at the swimming pool were followed by art and craft activities where the children made floatable model ships and an edible treasure island with ‘Boson Bones’ (Miss Miller).  First Mate Mrs Baird helped shipmates ‘mash up’ a shanty with a rap (“When I say Yo, You say Ho!”) and Master-at-arms Mr Young challenged crews to show of their knowledge of angles and direction along with problem solving skills in a treasure hunt. 

The children loved the thematic learning and practised skills in a fun and relevant context and learnt the answer to that timeless question…Why are Pirates called Pirates? Answers on a postcard please.

1 thought on “Skills Ahoy!

  1. Yoh ho ho and a bottle of…..sparkling water!!!!! What a motley crew you AAAR. Everyone had a ball well done!!

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