St. Joseph’s Pupil Names Local Street

St Josephs Duchess Court 1A great day was had by all recently when representatives of St. Joseph’s Pupil Council and Staff attended the opening ceremony of a new housing development in Helensburgh.

Last year the children of the school took part in a ‘Name the Development’ competition. Linked to the local community, St. Joseph’s pupils were always keen to take part – and to our delight, the winning entry came from a pupil at St. Joseph’s!

St Josephs Duchess Court 2Duchess Court in the west of the town will always have the accolade of being named by a pupil of St. Joseph’s. Hayley, who is now at Hermitage Academy but was at St. Joseph’s at he time of the competition, helped Councillor Aileen Morton cut the ribbon on the opening day. It was a real treat and a wonderful legacy both for Hayley and St. Joseph’s!

2 thoughts on “St. Joseph’s Pupil Names Local Street

  1. Well done Hayley! How proud you and your family will be whenever anyone mentions the name Duchess Court!

  2. Wow!! That is so lovely!! Something that will be around for a very long time. Well done!

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