Achaleven Primary opens new houses in Connel

Achaleven ACHA Houses Opening 4We were very proud, along with John Finnie MSP, to officially open the new ACHA houses that have been built in Connel. A few months ago we suggested some names for the new street and were so excited when one of the names, St Orans, was selected by ACHA. It was lovely that we were invited back for the official opening ceremony.

Achaleven ACHA Houses Opening 2Achaleven ACHA Houses Opening 3

We received a tour of one of the new houses which was really exciting, and saw a display of pictures we had drawn to celebrate the day.

Achaleven ACHA Houses Opening 1The sun shone, Angus MacColl played the pipes, and there were lots of people from the village there.

Thank you to Alastair MacGregor and all the staff at ACHA for inviting us to be part of this special day in our growing community.

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