Tobermory Drama Festival Winners

Lochdon Drama 1At the end of January, Ms Bidwell asked the school if anyone would be interested in doing Tobermory Drama Festival this year. Lochdonhead volunteered and decided to write a play called ‘Our Teacher’s a Witch’. We formed a drama club and we rehearsed every Thursday night for 2 months. We also gave up some of our breaks and lunchtimes to practice as well.

We really enjoyed ourselves especially coming up with our characters; a Goth, a young Queen Victoria and a Clown. The drama festival was very fun and exciting. We really want to do it again next year and we might even be doing ‘Our Teacher is a Witch 2’.

We are so happy and proud that we have won the primary category but we also know that everyone did very well. We would like to thank Mr Degnan for giving us inspiration, our families for the support and costumes they got for us and a special thanks to our teacher Ms Bidwell for putting in time and effort running our drama club and supporting all our rehearsals. Even the ones at lunch time!

Lochdon Drama 2
Ellie P5, Alex P5 and Ella P4
Lochdonhead Primary School, Isle of Mull

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