Rothesay Joint Campus raise £1320.62 for Comic Relief

RJC Red Nose Day 13Everyone at Rothesay Joint Campus took part in a host of events on Friday to raise money for Red Nose Day. In the Primary, P6-7 and P7 organised various activities including ‘red nose and spoon’ races, beat the goalie, face painting, hair/nail salon, dress-up karaoke, cupcake decorating, ‘red nose’ treasure hunts, sponge the teacher and a power hoop challenge. Red noses were sold throughout the school.

RJC red nose day leg waxing 16The Academy held a bake sale at morning interval and many staff/senior pupils had their legs waxed for the charity! Mr Gault even allowed the pupils to shave all his long curly hair off for the cause!

Thanks to all the staff, pupils, families and friends of the school who contributed to this fantastic total. We are very proud!

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