‘Scottish X Factor’ Competition

Children of John Logie Baird Primary School entered into the spirit of Robert Burn’s Day when they participated in a fun and entertaining ‘Scottish X Factor’ competition. Our talented and very hardworking children learnt the Scots language and produced some extremely entertaining and convincing performances for the whole school to enjoy.

Out of all of our semi-finalists, Carla Gorman was surprised and delighted when she learned she was the best overall. The judges; Mr Foxx, Mrs Graham and Mrs Randall awarded Carla a lovely prize, part of which was a mug which said ‘I’m dead chuffed’ and Carla certainly was! It was a very hard decision and all our semi-finalists were awarded a special certificate.

Our thanks to Mr Foxx for his expertise and his recital of ‘To a Haggis’ at our wonderful event.

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