John Logie Baird pupil designs Xmas card

Amirah from Primary 7 has been awarded Second Place in the competition to design a Christmas card for Jackie Baillie MSP. Amirah’s design will be featured on the back of the Christmas card and will be sent out to around 3000 people. A presentation ceremony has been arranged for all the prize winners and certificate winners. Jackie Baillie sent a letter of thanks to our P7 teacher Mrs McMullan and the children of P7 for their great efforts. The design was based on WW1 Christmas Truce. Primary 7 have been learning about WW1 this term and they were particularly interested in learning about the football game that was played on Christmas Day between the German and the British solidiers. This inspired Amirah to create this winning design.

1 thought on “John Logie Baird pupil designs Xmas card

  1. Well done Amirah! How nice to know that your design will be on the back of all the cards that are sent out!

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