Islay Schools Band Concert

Last Thursday 27th March Islay Schools Bands held a fantastic concert, normally it is only the High School Band and the Primary Schools Band (children from all Primaries on Islay & Jura) but a brand new after school Band was formed last year to give younger children a chance to begin learning an instrument from Primary 3. They are called “Ceol na Cloinne” (Music of the Children) and they meet at Islay High School every Friday. This was only their second concert and although there were a few’ butterflies’ they played excellently and did themselves proud!

The concert was supported by the Islay Youth Pipers, the Ella Edgar Dance School, and for the first time the Port Charlotte Primary School Gaelic Choir. We have been very lucky at past concerts to have had the Bowmore Primary Gaelic Choir & Folk Group and also the Port Ellen Primary Gaelic Choir – not to mention Islay High School’s own Choir and Coisir Og Gaelic Ile; the talent on Islay and Jura is just amazing!

Thanks to all Staff and Parents who constantly support us, and we would like to wish every reader a good holiday!

Scott McDermott

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  1. Thanks to all the people that turned up i was very shy but i still played like an angel thanks

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