Decorating the Heedie’s Office

Whilst Mr. Mitchell continues to settle in well as new head teacher at Dunoon Grammar School, he felt that his office was still feeling a little bit bare. He approached pupils in the learning centre to see if they could help by providing a few plants. Outdoor learning is a big part of the learning centre curriculum and the pupils rose to the challenge straight away. Pupils painted and decorated containers so that the plants would look attractive in Mr. Mitchell’s office.

Christopher Thomas, one of the learning centre’s most senior pupils, volunteered to take on the role of lead horticulturalist and selected a variety of plants that he thought Mr. Mitchell would like. Christopher will also water the plants every week and make sure they are growing healthily. Hopefully the plants will not only look good but will also make Mr. Mitchell feel good, too, as there is lots of evidence that suggests houseplants create a healthier working environment and can reduce stress.

1 thought on “Decorating the Heedie’s Office

  1. Christopher, you look so grown up! Lead Horticulturalist is a role that suits you, and I know you will carry out your duties so responsibly. Well Done!

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