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Glow Blogs Tutorial: Simple Links Site

This tutorial shows how to make a one page site with Glow Blogs. The tutorial will cover using the block editor, patterns & the document overview. This will be a Links in Bio type of page or site that is common on the internet now, sometimes called Link Trees sites.

Glow Blogs New “New Site” Functionality

The latest release of Glow Blogs makes a slight change to how you create a new site. There is an added choice when creating a site: You can choose between the Classic and Block editor. Choosing Classic will create a site with the default editor for posts and pages is the classic editor and the […]

H5P in Glow Blogs – News

The First Annual H5P Academy Awards were just announced. The winners in the different categories: Although they are all from higher education they give a good idea of how H5P can be used at a sophisticated level.  The winners are linked from the announcement. H5P updates There has been a new version of Game Map and […]

Glow Blogs Twitter Changes

Twitter/X keeps changing the goal posts for integration with other systems. Recently they have stripped out most of the functionality for free third party use.

Glow Blogs Updated 1 Feb 2024

Fixed an issue with Google Analytics, the ‘Sessions and Views in the last 30 days graph for last 30 days’ is now showing properly. There may still be a problem with very old blogs not being able to display the Analytics data. Fixed upload of m4a audio files in block editor Audio Block. Plugin updates […]