Primary 1hm

Welcome families to our P1hm blog! We have had a fantastic start to our first couple of weeks at school, getting to know each other and our classroom. We have had a lot of new routines to learn and we are quickly becoming more independent! In numeracy we had a number hunt in our classroom, practised ordering numbers 1 to 10 and practised counting forwards and backwards. In Literacy we have learnt about the sounds a, t, i and s and have been doing lots of play activities to develop our fine motor skills. During the afternoons we have been playing freely within the classroom and following our ideas related to school and ‚ÄėAll about me‚Äô. So far, we have been making paper doll cut-outs of people in our school, drawing maps of our school and learning about the jobs other adults do in our school.¬† Mrs Stewart came to visit us to talk about her job and we have been on a tour of the school as well.¬† Here are some photographs of our classroom and some of our comments about our first couple of weeks:

I like playing with the doll’s house.  Katie

I like playing with the loose parts.   Ollie

I like drawing.   Ruby

I like drawing and using the scissors.   Alexis

I like painting with the cotton buds.   Erin

I like the Lego.   Sam

I like reading the books and finding the sounds.   Emily

I like finding things in the sand.   Dylan

I like learning the number zoo stories.  Cole

I like the construction.   Cameron

I like the glitter brush.  Freya

I like the sand.  Jax

I like the building blocks.  Daniel

I like seeing my buddy.  Freddy

I like music.  Ibrahim

I like learning the numbers.  Craig

I like playing with my buddy.   Fern

I like playing with the playdough.  Isaac

I like playing with my friends in class.  Sienna

P3sw Blog Update 6.9.19

We have all settled well into our new class. We are enjoying P3 and learning lots of new things! Here are a few of the things we are enjoying.

I have enjoyed Numeracy because I like numbers. I have been learning about hundreds, tens and units.     Nathan
I liked doing Maths using the textbooks because it is fun.    Eliza
I like problem solving.     Freddie

I like Literacy because you get to do different activities and it is fun.     Adam
I like reading because the stories are interesting.       Niamh
I like writing because you get to read the stories you have written.       Tommy
I enjoyed Literacy because it’s really fun for me to write about the organs of the human body.      Tara

I have enjoyed learning French because in French you can say different things and sing different songs. I liked the Boogie Woogie song and that is the French way to sing the Hokey Cokey.        James W-F

I like Drama because we learn a lot of songs and it is fun.      Victoria

I have enjoyed learning about the human body. I have learnt about the digestive system.    Charlie
I like the topic and I like making things. I enjoyed putting the bones together to make a skeleton.      Jayden
I like learning about the human body.      Reo
I like topic and I liked it when we used bone shaped paper to write on to show our learning.  Arthur

We also enjoyed the wonderful production of The Railway Children that came to school this week. We loved all the children’s characters in the story. We thought Peter was very funny, Phyllis was cute ans Bobby was brave.

First Blog Back: P2M

P2M have had a very busy few weeks back! We have all managed to settle in well and are having great fun getting to know each other.

We have been learning, and revising, lots of different sounds such as ph, wh, th, ng. We have been working on our place value in numeracy and have been learning about different shapes, with Miss Hendrie, during maths time.

We have started to explore our topic, House and Homes, and are looking forward to finding out more. We have had some interesting questions which we will hopefully be able to answer during this term:

“Why do people have numbers on their doors?”- Paige

“Why do some people live outside?” – Maisie

“Why do people live in igloos?”- Adam

“How do you make a house out of sand?”- Luke


Lots of love, P2M.

Primary 7P                           -06.09.19

Pupils of Primary 7P (and Mrs Patterson) have had a very busy and hard-working start to our year. Our term began learning all about Democracy and how it works. We then went on to hold our own democratic elections to select our Pupil Leadership team and House Captains. We learned about how to write a persuasive and emotive election speech and about how campaigns are run to persuade the electorate. There were lots of creative ideas used! Mr Swift made us great polling booths so our elections were as realistic as possible.

We also produced some fabulous art work, using pencil, water-colour and oil pastels to show how hands are used to convey lots of messages like peace, love, victory, strength and Democracy. We were proud of our finished art and surprised ourselves at how well they turned out. See what you think below.

Our Assembly was also to-day and we worked extremely hard writing our script to highlight how we can all make a difference to our world with inspirational stories and quotes in there to inspire us all to be the best we can be.

Can we make a difference?         Yes we can!


Lewis    We learned about democracy and how voting works and Mr swift set up a real polling station for house captain and leader ship vote. I am happy because I got picked for house captain.