P1a 23.4.19

Welcome back! During the last few weeks of last term we were learning about the sounds oa, ie, igh, ou and ow. We liked making silly sentences with the sound oa such as: The goat and the toad can float in a boat! We also did role play pie making for ie and made a house for a mouse for ou. This term in literacy we will focus on recognising and spelling the common tricky words that cannot be sounded out and learning how to recognise and write the capital letters (see photograph below if you wish to be reminded about how we write them.) We will also be continuing to practise our sound blending with a focus on consonant blends such as fr, pl and nd.

In numeracy we have been continuing to practise understanding how bigger numbers are made of tens and units. We have also been practising skip counting in twos, fives and tens. This will help us when we learn about times tables in Primary 2. We especially like to do this as we do different exercises such as star jumps so it keeps us fit too! This term we will continue to work on number to 100 and then apply our knowledge of addition and place value to counting up money. In maths we have been doing lots of work on measure and will be moving on to time. This will include days of the week, months of the year, seasons and clocks.

After completing our transport topic the class talked about all their ideas for next term. The main themes suggested were creating our own treasure hunts, learning about trees and minibeasts and organising a picnic. There was some interest in dinosaurs as well so we did a mini two week topic on this just before the holidays. We practised our reading and writing as we labelled dinosaur drawings and made fact-files. Today we started finding out about treasure hunts and tried out a clues treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt.

Here are some of the interesting dinosaur facts that we found out:

Some dinosaurs eat meat. Konstancja

Carnivores eat meat. T Rex and Triceratops lived in the Jurassic period. Luke

The plates on a Stegosaurus are made from bone. Euan

A T.Rex can crunch through bones. Ayleigh

The Triceratops has horns to keep predators away. Ethan

A T Rex is 12 metres long. Kyle

A stegosaurus can hit others with its tail. Andrew

The babies come from eggs. Nola

They bury the eggs under the sand so no predators can eat them or stand on them. Lucie

Baby dinosaurs need to eat a lot because they grow fast. Ella-Rose

The very big dinosaurs with long necks shake the ground when they walk. Rebecca

A Stegosaurus uses its plates to knock others down. Cody

Some dinosaurs have horns to knock other dinosaurs down. Olivia

A Stegosaurus has plates on its back. Christopher

P4b Our Easter and Spring Break

Welcome back to our last term of Primary 4!

We are going to share a little information about our holidays.

Aiden says” I went to Meadow Park and saw lots of my friends, and we played with my football.”

Sophie went to see a dog called Freddie and I enjoyed playing with him.

Nathan had his 9th birthday during the holiday and he got a segway!

Omar says ” I played tig with my friends outside our houses.”

Daniel went to Edinburgh to see lots of old planes in a museaum.

Danielle says ” I enjoyed my Easter egg hunt and I also got some ice-cream.”

Andy went to the beach at Burntisland and enjoyed the sun.

Ailis asy ” my mum got an operation on her arm!”

Caitlin went to pony camp and was riding a horse called gypsy.

Sam went to a cottage near Inverness and enjoyed walking his dog lots


P7h Blog Post

Bonjour, this term we have been learning about family and the body in French. We made family trees and labelled all family members. We designed a guess who game that we will get to play with next week. We played some games like snakes and ladders, knots and crosses, Chinese whispers and around the world in French. We have also been learning about body parts and how to say where it hurts. We did a role play where one of us was the doctor and another was the patient. We were designing monsters and trying to recognize words in French. We were also starting to learn about conjugating verbs and looked at different songs.

Some pupils have started to use language apps (duolinguo, memrise) at home to practice and improve their learning. Mason said that it improved his French.

Pots All This Then?!

We are happy to announce that all our pots are made, decorated and gittered…..!   We will be selling our pots outside the P4 classrooms on Parents` Evening on Thursday 28th March.  They are all £2.00 and will be a wonderful present for birthdays and Mothers` Day!

All the money raised will go to reducing the price for the overall cost of going to Edinburgh Zoo on the 2nd May.  Please bring your purses and wallets and don`t miss out on the opportunity to own a bespoke pot for all occasions 🙂

Primary 1p Blog it!

Hello everyone!

We have now started our brand new topic…Animals! This week, we ventured outside to see what animals we could see in our playground. Rosie spotted an ant crawling along a log and we heard lots of birds in the trees next to the field. Thomas spotted a spider hiding in the grass!

We were also amazed this week by Mason in P7 who demonstrated his DJ skills at our wider achievement assembly.

Next week, we are going to look into animals we can have as pets.

Thanks for reading



P5sw Update

We have been busy in all areas of the curriculum! Here are some of the things we have been learning about:

We have been learning about dividing by large numbers in Numeracy.   Aaron
We did division in a kind of chimney sum. It was easier than the others ways we do it.        Usman
We have been learning about calculating time intervals. It is very easy for me.       Oran

In Literacy we have been practising our handwriting and we have also been learning about capital letters and full stops with Mrs Welsh.   Scarlett
We have been learning about reading non-fiction texts and answering questions.         Elliot

In PE we have been learning yoga.     Liam

On Wednesday we were creating line drawings for our Profile jotters.   Lucy

Between Wednesday and Thursday we were working on making our own boxes and next week we will make chocolate to go in them.     Hailey

On Thursday in Health in the Hall we were talking about keeping our school clean. We were working in small groups and we were making posters to spread the word.        Lana