P4b and it`s Goodbye from us!

At last we`re finally at the end of the term.  Everyone is ready for their Summer holidays and looking forward to moving on to Primary 5.

We`ve had an exciting Heath and Fitness fortnight to end the year.

Ailis says “Im really looking forward to the holidays and cant wait to have a rest!”

Ryan says “Im looking forward to going to Blackpool in the holidays.  Im going to go on lots of rides.”

Lucy C says “I`m looking forward to having a break from everything and spending time with my family.”

Omar says ” I`ve really enjoyed the football and Judo .”

Brandon says “I get to go on holiday to spain in a caravan and I`m going to see Toy Story 4 again.”

Daniel says “I`ll be able to spend more time with my Grandad.”

Danielle says “Im looking forward to the holidays because Im going to the Lake District.”

Caitlin says “Im looking forward to the holidays because Im going to Portugal the going to a wtaer park on my birthday.”

Sam says “I`m looking forward to playing with lots of people who live on my street.”

Evi says “I`m going on holiday to Italy and Dubai.”

Aiden says “I`m going to do lots of things that are cool.”

So thats it for another year!  Have a great holiday and well see everyone back in August!

Ms Brody

P1a 25.6.19

We have had a great time in Primary 1 this year.

Here is what we have enjoyed the most:

Kyle – the minibeast topic

Rebecca – doing the assault course

Andrew – doing my jotter work

Olivia – doing jotter jobs

Ethan – the police topic

Frankie – learning about numbers

Christopher – playing with Ethan

Konstancja – doing our assembly

Ayleigh – doing number talks

Ella-Rose – learning French

Lucie – school trips

Nola – doing our assembly

Cody – the school trip

Luke – making Jurassic World

Euan – learning about trains and spiders

Mrs Cook – hearing all the amazing ideas about what we could learn and what activities we could do in class

This is what we are most proud of:

Kyle – learning to read

Rebecca – getting medals for running

Andrew – doing good adding and taking away

Olivia – doing good building

Ethan – being able to jump off the high box in gymnastics

Frankie – winning the Scots poetry competition

Christopher – climbing the wall in the assault course

Konstancja – doing good running

Ayleigh – counting big numbers

Ella-Rose – doing reading

Lucie – learning the sounds at the start of P1

Nola – showing everyone gymnastics

Eryn – learning to do smaller, neater writing

Cody – writing sounds and then writing stories

Luke – learning to read

Euan – doing all the number activities

Mrs Cook – being the teacher of such a wonderful class who are so confident, independent and keen to learn

Thank you adults for supporting us throughout the year. Happy holidays!

P3M Blog It! 25.6.19

Hello everyone,

time for the final blog of primary 3! Can you believe it?! Here are a few thoughts on the year that has past.

Alana has enjoyed doing Art in Primary 3 and particularly enjoyed creating silhouettes.

Oakley – Jay has enjoyed showing good sportsmanship through Health and Fitness fortnight.

William would like to tell you about sports day.  We ran races and the girls and the boys from p3m competed against each other.

Jake enjoyed doing the MAC that came to school.  He liked the climbing wall bit. Jake also enjoyed skills academy where he was learning skills for life!

Jessica D has enjoyed our Jigsaw lessons this year and is looking forward to meeting Jigsaw Jeano next year!

Ana has enjoyed all the things we have been doing in PE this year including gymnastics, football and fitness.

Lewis has enjoyed learning how to use a calculator.

Cara recently took part in an end of term French quiz.

Evan has enjoyed everything about P3 and feels it is the most fun he has had in school…until next year!

Aiden enjoyed Ready, Steady, Cook and Numberacy this year (this is when Miss M accidentally mixed up numeracy and number).

Callum S thinks that Jigsaw has been a fantastic idea and is really, really enjoying it.

Erika enjoyed the skip to be fit time and was trying to skip really fast.

Lucy has been enjoying art this year and enjoyed making a lion portrait out of colourful chalk.

Maxim enjoyed Ready, Steady, Cook and enjoyed seeing what people made.

Gracie has been really been enjoying maths and numeracy this year and has been working hard on multiplication and division.

Allegra has enjoyed sketching in Art this year and particularly enjoyed when we had to sketch along to music and discussed how our drawings changed based on the music.

Eden enjoyed the dance teacher who came to teach us a routine during health and fitness fortnight.

Ruaridh enjoyed literacy this year and enjoyed comprehension and making his own Africa Fact File.

Louise enjoyed Ready, Steady, Cook and enjoyed watching what people were cooking.

Carmen enjoyed reflecting on her year in P3 when she made a little booklet which discussed her school, her teacher and her friends.

Baili enjoyed the skip to be fit activity and is very proud he won a medal.

Callum R has enjoyed improving his handwriting this year.

Ethan enjoyed Ready, Steady, Cook this afternoon and he voted for the Green Beans.  The Orange Peppers won this year!

Thank you for your continued support throughout Primary 3 and I look forward to seeing everyone again after the summer!

Kind regards,

Miss MacKenzie

P3 Home Learning

Good morning everyone.

Please find attached a copy of the new Home Learning spelling words.  A paper copy of these will also be sent home alongside the new numeracy worksheet.  Please work on spelling words at home. The numeracy worksheet should be submitted on Wednesday 26th June.

Link to word document


Link to PDF document



Primary 2 BLOG It! 12.6.19

We have been really enjoying our Caribbean Island topic over the last few weeks. In small teams we worked very well together to create a model island. This helped us to develop our creativity and problem solving skills. We had to plan what resources we would need, share responsibilities and use our listening and talking skills. We hope to add more to these models as we learn more but have enjoyed presenting what we have done so far in class.

In literacy we having been developing our reading and writing skills by researching famous pirates and then using the information to create fact files.

In numeracy we have been revising addition and subtraction. We have been focusing on mental strategies. We have also been working on fractions and finding the area of a shape.


Blog It!

Zak – We have been running a marathon, which is 206 times round our pitch, almost everyone is at 100.

Luka – In PE we have been learning a little bit of rugby and I have been really enjoying it.

Rocio – We have been making board games in maths.

Stella – We have auditioning for our talent show at school and I am so happy that my group got through.

Rose – During transition week we have been enjoying our time with Miss Melrose and are all excited to have a lesson with Mr Muller tomorrow but will miss Miss Quinn.

Arran – We are having fun with Miss Melrose finding out about inspirational people.

Chloe H – We have done presentations on scientists.