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P7 Chinese with Miss Sum!

In Primary 7 we have been having lots of fun learning all about the Chinese culture. It has been a brilliant experience for us all. We have been looking at lots of different Chinese art such as paper cutting, lanterns and much more. We have also been learning about Chinese New Year and the twelve zodiac animals. We got the opportunity to make a collection of cards with one of the 12 zodiac animals on each of them for our families. We have also been learning lots about the Chinese language, which we have been finding very interesting as it is so different to our own.
Over all we have had a great experience with Miss Sum so far and can’t wait to learn much more in our next session with her.

Chinese lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Living room from the past

P2180249 P2180256

Super Gran came to visit again and this time she helped us learn what living rooms used to look like when she was a young girl. We were so surprised to find out that TVs were black and white and only had a few channels! It was fun to learn about record players and how they work. We made a TV and a record player out of junk material.

Schools in the Past.

Magic GrandadIn P2 and P2/1 we have been learning a lot about what school was like when Magic Grandad was a boy.  Last week we had a look at the uniform and even got to design a new one!  We have been noticing a lot of differences between school then and now.  We feel very lucky to be in school as it is now, the teachers are much friendlier, we have smartboards and lots of activities to help us learn.

We are looking forward to our visit to the Glasgow Street Museum on 26th February.  This will help us understand what school and life was like when Grandad was a boy.

P6 ‘explore’ Europe!

P6 have been enjoying our new Europe topic! We are currently in the process of planning and writing our own ‘TV travel show’ in groups! Through the use of ICT we aim to produce an exciting show that teaches our friends about different countries in Europe! Many of us worked very hard on our homework research for our country and made some wonderful contributions to the task.
We would also like to say a huge ‘well done’ to Sean, Edan, Yasmin, Gregg and our ‘stand by’ Adam T for their dedication and hard work with preparations for the Euroquiz. We came 7th out of 19 schools from West Lothian!
In maths, we will be learning more about ‘division’, ‘time’ and ‘area and perimeter’ in the coming weeks. Of course, it goes without saying, that we should be practising our times tables every night as this is so important in ensuring we can move on with our number work and progress with our dividing and fractions! Well done to those of you who are practising; it most certainly shows during your maths activities!

People who help us

We have had some exciting visitors to our nursery. All of our visitors were ‘people who help us’. We had a nurse, doctor and some firefighters. They told us about the jobs they need to do every day and ways that they help people. We have also had visits from some of our mummies with new babies as our family are also important people who help us. We decided to split our role play area into a hairdressers and a car garage. Our outdoor house became a pizza restaurant, where we made our own pizzas and used the bikes for delivery.

Showcase preparations!

P7 are having a wonderful time working with Miss Sum. We have been learning how to do some paper cutting and some of it was very complex! We used a growth mindset approach to ensure we were confident when taking on a new challenge. We cannot wait to show what we have been learning at our Cluster Chinese New Year showcase soon!

paper cutting in p7

Scottish Week in Nursery

We have been learning some great Scottish songs – ‘The Shoogly Woogly’ which would be the Hokey Cokey and ‘Heid, shouders, knaps and taes’ which is head, shoulders, knees and toes. Our favourite word was ‘lugs’. We have also read some lovely Scottish stories from the Hairy Maclary, Katie Morag and Hamish McHaggis series. By the end of the week many children could talk about the Scottish flag, speak some Scots, identify some iconic Scottish objects and know who Robert Burns was.

Super Gran visits Primary 1

This block Super Gran will be helping us to learn about the past. We made a time machine to go back in time to see what homes were like when Gran was a little girl. We looked at different types of houses and what they are made of. We can’t wait to find out what different rooms in the house looked like in the past and compare them to our rooms today!

Watch this space for more information about our topic.