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P7A Houston Weekly Update

Conal: I enjoyed playing Basketball in P.E and also doing fractions in class.

Zain: This week the thing I enjoyed the most was playing Basketball in P.E

Ross N: This week in P7 we have been playing Basketball in P.E and I got 5 assists!! We also wrote a historical recount of Neville Chamberlains’ speech.

Hamza: This week P7 and I enjoyed playing Basketball in the big hall for P.E.

P7A- Howden

Andrew- I enjoyed trying new things at the Athletics event such as the reversa-boards.

Ismaeel- We were using Scratch to learn how to code. We had to animate an adventure game where the character collected items.

Ewan- I really liked sketching this week because I got time to practise my skills sketching fire and bonfires.

Patrick- I enjoyed the 3D art work, creating a tunnel book. My favourite part was drawing the background to create a scene from Ardroy. I did Jacob’s ladder.

Amelie and Eilish- At the athletics festival we won our 2-by-1 race together!

Kaylah- I enjoyed making the tunnel books for Ardroy. We had to use creativity and problem solving to put them together.

P7A Houston

Connor: I enjoyed when we logged on to Sumdog this week. I really enjoyed when we measured the circumference of the trees during outdoor learning with Ms Mendoza and Rob.

Sonny: I really enjoyed learning about area and perimeter. I also found it very beneficial to know how to work out the circumference of the trees in the playground to calculate their age.

Emma: I really enjoyed doing our Scratch graffiti names and photo editing on pixlr. The Halloween writing competition was also really fun and it was great to help out at parents night.

Ross N: I enjoyed our art work this week when we created a sketch of a skull. It looked really complicated but 10 minutes later we were done and really proud of the results.

Aiden: I loved doing the Halloween sketching especially the sketch of the skull.

Jemma: I did really well on my grid multiplication maths home learning this week and was pleased with how well I did.

Conal: I enjoyed the Halloween themed tasks this week such as the skull sketch and the Halloween story.

Zain: I liked doing division this week and worked on both the Spicy and Hot levels.


Sophie: I liked playing with the smartboard and doing stuff at the teaching table. We were doing sounds and I liked playing in the brick corner.

Jennifer: I enjoyed drawing pictures this week!

Sebastian: We were adding numbers this week and counting up to 30.


Harris: I enjoyed counting numbers up to 4. I was jumping and running at P.E. I enjoyed building and reading books.

Freddie: I have been counting numbers and I was jumping and playing with a ball in P.E. I enjoyed playing with my friends and building.


Ruairidh enjoyed playing with his friends and going to the next door classroom.

Finlay enjoyed story writing.

Tyla was counting numbers, playing with his friends and reading a book.

Calum enjoyed playing with the bricks and spelling this week.

Izzy enjoyed sewing.

Leon was reading cool books.


Logan: has been counting in class with his teacher he also likes doing homework witch is spelling.  He also love doing thing on the laptop.

Archie: Likes to play in the water tray and playing dress up with his friends.

Callum was learning the alphabet this week!

Iona was making a house with books.


p7a weekly update by Limefield

Ross: I enjoyed learning about the brain and writing a persuasive letter to the duffel brothers to change stuff in stranger things.

Arran: I liked when we did our persuasive letters and when we made the blood and did the diagram of the brain.

Rocco: we done art with Mrs Mendoza in outdoor learning.

Gabriel: This isn’t something that I did with my teacher its was with Mrs Hollands. I was making poster’s for October Friday the 4th  show racism a red card if you look around the school you will see them Me Oliver and Rocco where making them during our loss of playtime this week.