P7b 13/1/17

This week we have spent time analysing our Scot’s poems. We have been looking up words and phrases that we are not sure of the meaning of and putting time into learning our poems.

In PE we have started a block gymnastics. With Mr Muldoon we have been doing balances and different types of rolls. With Miss Brown we have been working together to do partner and group balances.

At home we have been working incredibly hard on our WW2 personal projects. These are due on Friday 27th January.

In maths, we had a little maths assessment on mental multiplication and division to help us see how much progress we have made.

Our value of the month is perseverance and we took part in a reflective spaces workshop with Darren. This allowed us to reflect on this value and think about times where we have had to show perseverance. We took part in activities such as puzzles, building a card stack and writing letters to a friend to encourage them to not give up and try their best.

As part of our WW2 topic, we have been making gas masks and learning more about rationing. We have also been exploring how Jewish people were treated during WW2 and what laws were made that impacted their lives.

Bon weekend.

P7b and Miss Brown

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