P6 1st skiing experience

imageimageOn Thursday, 29th September, p6 went for their first skiing experience. First we went and got our skis and ski boots, it felt weird like we were taking our first steps again! Afterwards we got our helmets and went to the slopes. We started on the yellow section with one ski to practise our balance, it was like being on a scooter except without handlebars.Then once we were confident we put both skis on and side stepped up in our skis to one of the three poles we went round the pole and skied down the slopes. Then we moved one pole higher and repeated the step. On the last pole time was almost up we quickly took off our skis and boots and put them away. Unfortunately our first skiing experience was over,time really does fly when you are having fun! We are now really looking forward to next week. By Alix and Abbie

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