A short but sweet week in P7b! 23.09.16

House Captain candidates continued working hard this week on their campaigns. Each candidate presented in front of their house today and all pupils from Primary 1 to 7 got to vote for who they wanted to be the House Captains. Well done to all candidates and their campaign groups for all their hard work and we cannot wait to find out the results!

We enjoyed problem solving this week and used logic to help us. We had to select key information from clues to seat passengers on an aeroplane and ensure all passengers were happy.

PE was tiring and terrific. Mr Muldoon challenged us with circuits including skipping and running and we really had to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

We explored the Global Goals and focused on Goal 5 – Gender equality. We discussed what that means to us and explored the story of Malala. We have some exciting homework to complete to help contribute to a huge survey.

Miss Brown and P7b

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