P4 Trip to Tesco

In P4 we enjoyed a great trip to Tesco in Bathgate recently. This really helped us with our learning in the areas of healthy eating, Scottish foods and brands and food technology. Activities included: making a roll from dough, tasting fruit and vegetables, learning about types of fish and seafood and tasting some fish and going on a fruit and vegetable treasure hunt to find out which countries they were grown in. We also had the chance to explore the storerooms, fridge and freezer – brrrrrr – the freezer was cold! Thanks to Tracey and her team at Tesco Bathgate.

IMAG0939 IMAG0955 IMAG0964 IMAG0965 IMAG0966 IMAG0971 IMAG0972 IMAG0974

2 thoughts on “P4 Trip to Tesco”

  1. It is lovely to see pictures of the Tesco trip. I enjoyed hearing about the outing from Jemma. It sounded and looked like a great learning opportunity!

  2. Thank you for replying and commenting Mrs Harrison, it is lovely to hear our parent voice through the Blog too. I agree – the trip looked super!

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