P6B Reading Challenge Week 1

Let's look at interesting words...
Let’s look at interesting words…

L.I.: to identify and select ‘interesting’ words within a variety of passages. 

P6… how are your new novels? While I hear some of you read I would like you to find *FIVE* interesting words (remember what makes them interesting? – unknown words, ambitious vocabulary, specialist or topic words, words you would like to use in YOUR WRITING etc.).

Please note your WORD CHOICE – DEFINITION – SYNONYMS in the comments box….

An example… no problem! < See Comments Box for Mrs Gray’s example>

TOOLS TO USE: Devices/dictionaries/thesauri/peers/help boxes


23 thoughts on “P6B Reading Challenge Week 1”

  1. My novel is Millions by Frank Cotterell Boyle.

    My interesting word choices are…

    Hallucinate – experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present or real. – daydream/imagine/delirious

    I chose these because…..

  2. I am reading Sword Song by Rosemary Sutcliff
    My first word is stubbornly not willing to Chang your ideas or ways😛

  3. My novel is called the terrible thing that happened to barnaby brocket

  4. My second word is settlement it means a group of people or houses in a new area 😎

  5. i am reading The Sword Song by Rosemary Sutcliff

    my interesting word choices are

  6. My novel is why the whales came by Michael morpurgo.

    My interesting words chosien are …

  7. My novel is skyhawk by Gil Lewis

    My word choices are…

    narrow: a small width

    merged: combine or cause to combine

    cairn: a mound of rough stones
    this is what i have so far

  8. My book is Sky Hawk By Gill Lewis
    1.Bleating:When someone or something is crying or weeping for something.
    2.Strangely:When some thing suspious or weird happens and someone gets worried

  9. I am reading Sword Song by Rosemary Sutcliffe and here are my Words.1. Emperor A ruler of an Empire.

  10. My reading book is Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Plunged means a sudden fall or dive

  11. My novel is The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket

    My interesting words are….


  12. …..
    silhouette: someone or something as a dark shape

    reflected: through back without absorbing

    thats me done 🙂

  13. I am reading millions by frank COTTRELL my first word is community it meens people living in the same area.

  14. HI GUYS
    I am currently reading Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis
    1.RARE:not widely known
    2.FLICKED:throw with a quick motion
    3.APPEARED:to come into site or view

  15. My book is million by frank cottrell

    My interesting words are….

    Hallucinate – experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present or real. – daydream/imagine/delirio


  16. P6 –

    **** Excellent use of a range of tools to support finding interesting words

    **** I was very impressed by everyone’s work ethic, which meant I got to hear people read and you were able to see your peers work so quickly and easily too

    —- MY WISH —- give you more time to complete activity – 15 minutes wasn’t enough -I will work on this for next time 🙂

    Who would like to see a class activity/challenge/HMK set up in this way again?

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