P6 teach Mrs Gray to be a ‘Minecraft-er’


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Just as the title says… a small group of us in P6 worked hard this morning to teach Mrs Gray how to use Minecraft (well!). Her prior knowledge was zero, so we are starting by just setting her simple tasks. Today we showed her how to use ‘Creative’ world and build a house.


Her Homework task she is eagerly awaiting…

10 thoughts on “P6 teach Mrs Gray to be a ‘Minecraft-er’”

  1. Hi Mrs grey hope you had a great golden time playing minecraft. How big was your house on minecraft.caitlin x

  2. Thank you Jacob – I’m definitely out of my comfort zone – but with some Growth Mindset (and all of your help!) I’m determined! Awaiting my Homework from Harry or Finlay… 🙂

  3. I did Caitlin! My house isn’t too bad – although I’m looking for some hints and tips from all of you at how I can make it even better! Have you got any ideas? 🙂

  4. I love bring your own divide it’s so fun especially on Friday when we can play on them

  5. I can’t wait until the next Minecraft lesson except I can’t de bothers to buy it at $4.99 it’s to much

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