Primary 3 Katie Morag Showcase

Last week in primary 3a and 3b, we were very excited about having our family into school to share everything we have been learning in our Katie Morag topic.

Our special guests arrived at 9.15 in the morning and we welcomed them in the small hall and got started right away with sharing our work.

We performed the Canadian Barn Dance and Gay Gordons in the small hall, and then even asked an adult to dance with us!  We were very impressed with the effort and enthusiasm from our guests.

In our P3 classrooms, we performed our Katie Morag puppet shows.  We have been working very hard with Mrs Thomson to plan and script our puppet show and then made puppets and backdrops for our performance.  We also showed our guests our 3D model islands.  As Katie Morag lives on an island, we have been exploring island life and designed and made a model island of our own.  We had to explain how we did this to our guests.

We shared stories with our guests in the library.  Primary 3a have written a whole class Katie Morag story and read this to our guests and Primary 3b have been working on individual Katie Morag short stories and shared these with their guests.  We also took the time to relax with a Katie Morag book.

To finish off our busy morning, we went back to the small hall to sing some Scottish songs.  We sang “Ye cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus”, “The world must be comin’ tae an end” and “three craws”.  We have also been working on a traditional Gaelic song with Ms Macdonald and performed this too.

We had a wonderful time showcasing our learning to our invited guests and our teachers think we did a wonderful job of explaining everything we have been doing in our topic work.



Here are some of the comments that have been made by our special guests:

“I can’t seem to pick a favourite as everything was great!  A big thank you Ethan, P3’s and teachers – the effort and quality of work blew us away!!  Good job everybody!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  It was nice to see Hamza’s interest and involvement in every part of the event – especially dancing and singing.”

“I enjoyed everything.  It is lovely to get an insight into what your children do at school and how they interact on a daily basis.”

“It was fabulous to see all the hard work undertaken by the pupils – loved the opportunity to see Roan’s work after hearing all about it over the past few weeks.”

“Primary 3 Katie Morag showcase was amazing!  It was great for parents to gain a better understanding through participation.”

“Great interaction, allowing the child to showcase what they have learned.  Really enjoyed the morning – a very proud Dad.”

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