P3a’s trip to Lowport!

This week it was our turn to visit and stay over at Lowport, and we’re very pleased to tell everyone that we had lots and lots of fun and managed to come home safe and sound.

We left for Lowport on Wednesday and after a bus ride (complete with a tour guide in the form of Mr Brice) and a quick check of our rooms, we were off to Linlithgow Palace.  We were very lucky to have some very knowledgeable children from the local Primary school who gave us a tour around the palace.  We then came back to Lowport, unpacked our bags and then went out on to the Peel to play games before dinner.

We were very well fed at dinner time and managed to have enough energy to play outside on the Peel again!  Mr Brice had some wonderful games for us to play and tired us all out.  Then it was back to the centre for pyjammas, supper and a DVD before bed.

We got up at 7.30am yesterday (although some of us had already been awake for a while!  We must have been excited for the day ahead) and after packing up our rooms and having a huge breakfast (including bacon rolls!) we set off for Linlithgow Canal.  We had a lovely trip on a canal boat and then a look around the little canal centre museum.  We learned lots about canals and now understand the difference between a canal and a river.

At 1.00pm we got back on the bus and headed for Beecraigs.  We all managed to get to the top of Cockleroy (although some of us required some extra encouragement!) where we were treated to a super view – we could see the Forth Bridges and Linlithgow Palace where we had been the day before!

Then we played in Beecraigs park for a while before getting the bus back to school.  Some of us were so tired, we fell asleep on the bus back.  Mr Brice was fast asleep in the front passenger seat!  We were very happy to see our families waiting to collect us.

We had the best time at Lowport and will remember it for a long time!  We will put some photos of our trip up soon!

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