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Rannoch Class at the Safari Park 19.6.19

Friday, June 21st, 2019

Rannoch Class, along with the whole school went to Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling this week for the whole school annual outing. The weather was great, saw and did lots! What a fantastic time the boys all had!

Sharing the Learning in Rannoch Class 12.6.19

Friday, June 14th, 2019

Rannoch boys had their parents Sharing their Learning this week! The boys made their parents a sandwich of their choice, then sat amongst them at the snack table to eat it! It was a lovely time to share the work on the walls of the classroom while they ate together. After that they took their parents to the hall to put up a ‘pop up’ tent together, then read them their favourite story from inside the tent.  They also had an opportunity to look at the personal stories their children had written since the start of the session. It was a great afternoon and thank you to all our lovely parents who came to support the Sharing of our Learning in Rannoch Class!


The boys were in the garden again this week, and love the strawberries, which are growing nicely!




Teamwork makes the dream work

Friday, June 14th, 2019

Rannoch Class w.b. 3rd June

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Rannoch & Lomond  were in the garden  this week. They were transporting soil using the wheelbarrows, digging and preparing a new vegetable planter, and finished with planting some trees. The garden is coming along so well, everything is growing with some strawberries almost ripe and ready for picking!


Rannoch Class were learning to make a Spanish Omelette! They used potatoes, onions, ham, and eggs to make it. We used some very careful cutting skills for the potatoes. Individually, we had a go at finely chopping the potatoes. It turned out lovely and was tasty – some liked it and some did not! Lomond Class got to taste and smell too!



The boys from Rannoch were learning about money this week for Maths. Here is a group working together on the Interactive Smartboard to solve some money problems!

The boys were learning  more about different types of respect and responsibilities in HWB. They loved playing the game!

What’s Cooking in Rannoch Class w.b.27th May!

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019


The boys learned how to make a Victoria Sponge, which turned out lovely along with making some cupcakes with the extra mixture left over! The Sponge had lovely butter icing on the top and some sprinkles, while the cupcakes had water icing with sprinkles!


Rannoch Class did a bit more work on finishing their wall map of where the Vikings came from, identifying their Homeland and where they settled for a few hundred years.  They played a board game which had them individually having to win all the pieces to assemble a Viking Longhouse! It was fun!  They also drew pictures of Viking Longhouses, using ‘Silky Paste’ Pens. They are fantastic boys- well done!



Over recent weeks, along with Mrs Smith, Rannoch Class are learning all about electrical circuits and electricity in Science. Rannoch boys love Science! They have been playing games, re-enforcing their learning and working with wires and bulbs to complete circuits!

Some real thought provoking work on Respect & Responsibility is being developed  by Rannoch Class. They are working hard on their feelings, emotions and  frustrations and reflecting on what might have been different if they changed any particular negative behaviour they now, or had previously  demonstrated when things don’t go okay for them. It is great to see Rannoch boys starting to think and talk a bit more about the possible impact of negative behaviour on their peers and adults around them.

Rannoch Class – w.b 20-24th May

Friday, May 24th, 2019

To kick off this week’s learning, E & F from Rannoch Class attended a ‘Generation Science’ workshop. It was an interactive session and hands-on learning about bees and their importance in our environment.

In class, all the boys were learning about sustainability. As part of this, they learned that the natural resources in our world like gas, oil and fresh water amongst others, are all depleting. They even learnt what the word ‘depleted’ meant! They learned that we as humans must come up with ways of looking after our planet on order that it continues to sustain human life, animal life – in other words, any  living organism. They were tasked as a class to produce a model ‘mode of transport’ that could be made out of recycled materials. The boys made a ship out of junk and made a fine job of it!   They presented their model at the ‘sharing’ whole school Assembly. Well done Mk, great presentation on behalf of Rannoch!  Great work boys altogether!



Crunchie Cookies were on this week’s cooking menu and how delicious they turned out! Mrs Kellock our Head Teacher sat with us and had one of them! The main ingredients were porridge oats, plain wholemeal flour, brown sugar and butter. Some of the boys though they wouldn’t like them, but in actual fact they all loved them!


The boys were in the garden again this week, transporting soil and preparing more ground! Just look at how much our onions are growing and even the potatoes are beginning to make an appearance already!



R & E worked hard learning to formulate the letters ‘u’ and ‘y’ correctly. Great work boys!


In Maths, the boys were learning to apply their knowledge learned of  3-d shape in playing a new  game. They loved it! They are getting really good at identifying and naming common 3d shapes, along with naming their properties.



Health Week – Rannoch Class – 13-17th May

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Rannoch boys have had a great week taking part in all of the planned Health Week activities! The week started off with the first challenge of setting themselves the target of starting each day with the Daily Mile! The boys managed this everyday and was a great start to each morning! The boys also celebrated Kevin’s birthday at the start of what was a very busy week!


The first activity Rannoch class went to was Zumba! Then Multi-sports and then on to Stage School (Performing Arts).



In the lovely morning sunshine, and the new Poly tunnel, Rannoch boys were planting seeds with Mrs Toner. They planted cucumber and leeks. Then they had a taster session of Golf from Harburn Golf Club members. It’s not easy swinging that Golf Club and hitting the ball!  In the afternoon the boys had some Football coaching fun from Eddie Managan dribbling the ball in and out cones. The afternoon finished with a healthy tasting session of fruit, courtesy of Sainbury’s.




Maria Risk took a session of Tai Kwon Do, which the boys enjoyed, while the afternoon was very busy and active with Football skills from Kevin Murray and a Fitness session from Mrs Saunders. The boys were amazed at the headstand Mrs Saunders did! Well done Mrs Saunders! Phew…Rannoch Class were really tired after that and looked forward to having a rest at the end of the day!




The morning started with Oral Hygiene from Child smile, then Martial Arts (Krav Maga), followed by a Dance Session from SMK Alex.  A session of ‘mindfulness’ allowed us some quiet time to reflect on the week. An exhausting time has been had up to today, but what fun!

Sport’s Day! The weather was very good and Rannoch boys had a wonderful time! Parents were there to cheer them all on! Calum won a first position for the P5 Egg & Spoon Race – well done Calum! St Ninian’s House won the team event, so MacK proudly went to collect his winning house medal!  Well done to all of them. What a week it has been, lots of team work, encouraging and helping each other!


Curricular Work through the week

Through the week in between Health Week activities, Rannoch Class managed to do some curricular and cross-curricular work too! They started work on a map of the journey that the Vikings made from their Homeland in Scandinavia to their Settlements around Scotland and also learned about 3-D shapes. They also spent a lot of time in the school garden planting potatoes in the lazy beds made last week, painting planter from recycled wood, turning and preparing the soil in new vegetable areas!

What a week it has been! Very proud of Rannoch Boys for managing to do their very best in all the activities and having lots of fun at the same time. Hope all, including parents and staff enjoy a well deserved long weekend!



Rannoch Class 8th-10th May

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Rannoch boys learned how to make Summer Cup Cakes this week. It was quite hard work beating the margarine and sugar together, then adding the eggs and flour carefully so as the mixture didn’t curdle. The icing for the top was yummy and quite easy to make. The sprinkles on the top finished the cakes.


The boys were doing a bit of revision of the 2x tables and other Mental Maths sums. Rannoch boys really enjoy Mental Maths!


Having started the new Project for this term, Rannoch Boys learned more about where the Vikings came from, their Homeland Countries and where they settled in Scotland. They learned that the Vikings didn’t really settle the Lothians, by looking at their maps,  but very much settled in the North & West of Scotland including the Island their teacher comes from!



For handwriting this week, Rannoch boys re-visited learning to write the down-letters ‘n’ & ‘r’. Some found it hard to remember that these letters start at the top and go down and back up again! E’s hand writing is really coming on and made a big effort to finish his work.

Rannoch boys spent some time in the garden again this week preparing the soil for planting potatoes. They learned that ‘lazybeds’ are a type of traditional way of cultivating the land in furrows/ ridges  with a spade. It’s not easy work, but was fun working together to get the hard work done. Two ridges were made. Another group of pupils planted one already but Rannoch boys are going to plant potatoes in the other one next week. Watch this space!

Rannoch Class w.b. 29th-April-3rd May

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Rannoch boys learned this week that Vikings lived in Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. These were countries still known today as Norway, Sweden & Denmark. They spread terror throughout Europe including Scotland! How did they manage this to do all those years ago? They were great shipbuilders and sailors. They often sailed in dragon ships to raid and plunder other countries. These ships were also known as ‘long ships’. Rannoch boys  started making their own long ship this week. They were challenging to make out of card!

Rannoch boys discussed ‘being stressed’ as part of Health & Wellbeing. They were able to discuss previous learning by recalling the signs their bodies give them when they are feeling stressed or anxious. This week, the boys continued to work on re-calling situations that made them feel stressed before doing an activity, or going somewhere new as examples, but after managing to complete successfully actually feeling proud of themselves. Rannoch boys are getting good at talking about what and how they are feeling.


The boys learned how to make yummy Carrot Cake this week. M.F said, ‘I don’t like carrots and are you telling me there’s carrot in Carrot Cake!’ Thankfully, seeing carrots being grated and placed in our recipe didn’t put him off one of his favourite cakes! We put brown sugar, raisins, walnuts and the carrots together with the flour, eggs and oil. We made one loaf tin which included  nuts and one with did not have any nuts at all. Almost all the boys loved them when they were ready! They also took some home for their parents.


We planted onions this week in our garden area. There were lots to plant. We had to plant them in straight lines. We learned how to use a spacer to keep them equal amounts apart from each other. We’re looking forward to seeing them grow and grow!

Rannoch Class w.b.23-26th April

Friday, April 26th, 2019


We were in the school garden area at the start of our week to do a tidy up after the holiday and also measure up the garden area  for some new fencing. The boys worked together to measure the area quite accurately using metre sticks. We now need to work out how much fencing is needed!



The boy learned how to make French Toast & Cinnamon Toast. They were both yummy, but RT said the Cinnamon toast was actually ‘mega yummy’!


Rannoch boys were really keen to play Chess this week. They are going to try hard to learn all the rules in the coming weeks! The adults really enjoyed ‘teaching’ the boys how to play this game!


The task for this week’s Assembly for Rannoch Class was to do some research from the top 50 ‘Fun things to do list for little or no money’. As a class, the boys looked at the whole 50 ‘Fun things’ that were online, and managed to whittle that list down to a top 20. The boys were then able to choose their own 10 favourite ones. The top 10 and top 11-15 ‘fun things’  list was compiled!  It is really important to remember that most of the fun stuff for us all is outdoors, and quite often free! It was a fun activity to do!