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‘Naughty’ Visitor to Rannoch Class w.e. 6th December

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Rannoch Class had a big surprise in the class at the beginning of the week – Hmm, ‘Ronnie’ the Naughty Elf visited and look what he’s been up to! Let’s hope the teachers manage to get on that ‘nice’ list in time for Santa! Whatever will he do next?? Watch this space!


Cross-curricular various Christmas Activities

The boys finished their part of what is a beautiful Holy Christmas themed Frieze by our combined ASD Resource – what a great job and thanks to Mrs Smith for making it happen and bringing it all together! We will have to wait until next week to see the finished frieze because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone attending our Christmas Fayre tomorrow morning or any of our activities in school next week! They also finished various other Art & Craft activities in preparation for the Christmas Fayre.


Their Maths work was centred around counting in 2s/ 10s and other Christmas themed mental Maths for some, while for others subtraction of units / ones from 3 digit numbers was a challenge but manageable, when mental Maths strategies were recalled and utilised.



The boys all managed to finish their writing task started last week which was about their Trip to the Museum of Transport in Glasgow.


Christmas Cupcakes for the Fayre!

The boys put their developing cookery skills to good use this week making cupcakes for the Christmas Fayre. Well done boys, even although a couple of the batches were a bit of a disaster, we recovered and learned from that!


St Andrew’s Celebrations in Rannoch Class! – w.e.29.11.19

Friday, November 29th, 2019

St Andrew’s Celebration – A Taste of Scotland!

For some of our pupils, trying new food, tasting and smelling new things is a big deal!  After learning about St Andrew, Rannoch Class tried lots of different Scottish food both savoury and sweet! Some they loved, some they were surprised they liked, and of course some they just didn’t like at all, but at least tried! They tried Tablet, Salmon, Shortbread, Haggis, Macaroon, Black Pudding, Scottish Rock, Caramel Wafer, Oatcakes, Fudge, Irn Bru (sugar free)!!

Anti-Bullying Message from Rannoch Class

Primary 5 led the Anti-bullying Assembly this week. Rannoch Class went on to  re-enforce the Anti-bullying message with their lovely Posters. Lots of discussion went on within the class and had their own interpretation of what should go onto their poster for people to see! They also completed other pieces of work through the week in relation to the Anti-bullying message for all.

Christmas Fayre Decorations

Rannoch boys have made a start at making some Christmas Decorations to be sold at our Christmas Fayre next Saturday!  They also started the work needing to be done in preparation for ‘The Angel Gabriel’ wall frieze for our main hall at Christmas time.

P4 Specialist Art Work

Our P4 Boys attend Specialist Art Class and what beautiful art work they have completed. Well done boys!

Cooking – Tiny Iced Cookies

This week’s cookery involved the following ingredients; egg yolk, vanilla essence and honey, mixed with flour, cornflour, and a little sugar, kneaded together and then cut to make small cookies with our various cutters. The boys all had a little mixture left over so decided to make the initial from their first name! They finished their cookies by using plain water icing and decorative sprinkles for the top.


Busy Rannoch Class – w.e. 22nd November

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Busy Rannoch Class w.e. 22nd November

Class Trip to Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Rannoch Class went on the most fantastic trip to the Riverside Museum of Transport in Glasgow this week, as part of enriching their learning on a ‘Transport’ project they have been learning about  over the course of the term. What wonderful assortment of  trains, cars, bikes, trucks and boats they saw! It really was so worthwhile, with the boys being really engaged throughout. They also made model ‘vehicles’ of their own out of various art/ craft materials available. Great day!

Big Book Swap Week

This week’s Assembly was led by the School’s Literacy leaders. They focused on Book Week Scotland the annual celebration of books. As part of this celebration of books, Rannoch Class took part in the whole school Big Book Swap, organised by Mrs Gaffney, and our pupil Literacy Leaders. This will help promote reading across our school, along with supporting Learning for Sustainability. The boys loved browsing through the books and selecting one to take home.


‘The Slug’ Performance

The boys really enjoyed an incredible performance from the Visible Fictions Company called ‘The Slug.’ It was a whole production without verbal dialogue but the most amazing expression, movement and sound.


Ant-bullying- Functional Writing

Rannoch boys made some great Anti-bullying posters in preparation for the school’s focus on ‘Anti-bullying’ next week.

Cooking – Making Shortbread

Rannoch boys made Shortbread this week. Miss Huxley our P3 teacher joined us this week! We used a slightly different recipe from the usual traditional one, involving egg white & icing sugar- not as sweet as the usual, but they all took some home for their families. Thanks Miss Huxley for your help with cookery this week!

Rannoch Class w.e.15th November 2019

Friday, November 15th, 2019

Learning for Sustainability – Litter Rota

Rannoch Class & P5 were on the Litter-Rota this week for Litter-Picking around our school. What a load of litter we found around the main staff car park, and that’s not because the staff drop litter- it’s because it is right beside the Chip Shop! Is there anything we can do about this? The boys did a great job caring for our Environment by picking it all up.




Some of the younger boys in our class got their first ‘big boy jotter’ for Maths this week! They were learning how to add 2 digit numbers to two digit numbers, without ‘carrying’.  Lots of hard neat work was done – well done! The older boys were learning about H,T, U and partitioning digits, sometimes crossing the ten, which required a lot of focus and determination. They used concrete materials to help themselves when they needed it.  The boys are also coming along nicely with Mental  Maths skills, managing to answer the questions mentally with greater accuracy! The Maths this week ended with a Maths Lego  board Game, really good for helping the boys to learn to ‘turn-take’ and accept the fact that it is not always possible  to ‘win’ every game, demonstrating ‘good sportsmanship’. This skill is one that quite a few members of our class are still working on. It was absolutely lovely to witness the younger and older boys  working together  playing  an online Maths game called ‘Chrome Dino Runner’ during their choose time! It utilised their Mental Maths skills at different levels, and they helped each other score. Fabulous!




Rannoch boys also learned this week about ‘Acrostic Poems.’  Acrostic Poems are like word puzzles in which certain letters in each line form a word – the boys composed their poems about their favourite animal.


Health & Wellbeing (HWB)

Rannoch boys were learning more about ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ which was a focus for us as a class, as it was World Kindness Day through the week. They explored all the different acts of kindness that they could possibly display with people they respected and loved. Some of the boys said there were Acts of Kindness they definitely couldn’t do, but that there were lots they could definitely do!  Some said they could work hard on some of them for the future, which was great learning!

P6 Visit Rannoch Class

Rannoch boys got a visit from some P6 boys and girls this past week. They read out wonderful letters they had written to West Lothian Council about all the plastic waste that we have within our school, and what we should do about the disposing of it all. One of the ideas was they thought it would be a good  that we stop getting the small milk cartons for morning milk time, and instead be provided with cups that can be re-used time and time again. What a great idea! We in Rannoch Class hope this really happens!


Assembly and other Activities

We attend Assembly every Monday. Having had Remembrance Assembly led by P6 this past week, one of our younger members in class made a lovely ‘Poppy’ out of Lego! How creative is that!

Rannoch boys love ‘doodling’ and working together on small projects in their choose time, here is some of the stuff they come up with! Some have liked the West Lothian Sumdog Challenge this week on the computer. Some of the boys have hobbies they love doing at home for example, coin collecting, and taking it in to show us here in school!


Cooking – Rannoch boys made Scones! 

Rannoch boys were learning how to make Scones this week! One of the secret ingredients was an ingredient called ‘Buttermilk’ !  They got their hands all messy and gooey with the mixture. They were fun to make! They were yummy to eat!

Science in Rannoch Class!

Rannoch boys were learning about the Condensation, Evaporation within the Water Cycle. Mrs Smith does a lot of Science work with them. They made their own wee demonstration of this to observe! They look great!

Rannoch Class w.e. 8.11.19

Friday, November 8th, 2019

Rannoch boys were learning about ‘Remembrance Day.’ They made a Poppy Wreath. Lots of cutting skills were required for this activity. It is important for us to remember soldiers that have lost their lives or have been injured because of war.


P6/7 Teachers Mr Elliot & Mrs Saunders organised a ‘Careers Fayre.’ Our P6 boys went to it – they said it was great and had a lot of fun finding out about different things they might like to do when they grow up! Our Mrs Stewart’s son Alexander was leading one of the stations, demonstrating coding – our boys were highly interested! Thank you Alexander!



Rannoch boys were also learning how to ‘value themselves’. They listened to a great story about ‘Zero’ – a story about ‘Self-worth’. It was very amusing! We will be using this story again for more work on this subject.


The Boys learned how to make ‘Ginger Star Biscuits’ this week. Some had never tasted ginger before, and loved the biscuits when they were done. They also decorated them with icing and sprinkles.



Learning about the story of Guy Fawkes the boys used wax crayons and watery black paint, to make some lovely pictures of Bonfire Night.

Turnip Lanterns in Rannoch Class w.e 1st November

Friday, November 1st, 2019

The boys had a real go at making their own turnip lanterns for Halloween, staying true to Scottish tradition! It was not an easy task, but made easier by the teacher scoring the inside with a really sharp knife (boys weren’t allowed to do this part!) so that they could scoop out the inside easier with the end of a spoon. After marking the eyes and mouth, placing string through the sides in order to have it as a holder, and also to keep the ‘turnip lid’ on, they looked pretty impressive when finished. The boys had a lot of fun making them and learned that before Pumpkins came to this country, Scottish people used turnips at Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin Sponge Cake!

We made a yummy sponge cake that looked like a Pumpkin for our cookery this week. We made some extra wee plain cupcakes with left over mixture and decorated with Halloween sprinkles. We had fun both making the sponge and eating it! We shared out our cupcakes and sponge with some other classes!


Rannoch boys have been busy this week. In Maths they were learning about partitioning Tens & Ones (Units) and some of the other boys were learning about addition, with carrying within and beyond 100. They also played some Maths games which supported their understanding of tens & units, while some of the other boys played a mental Maths addition game, adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers within 100 mentally. Mental Maths is coming on boys and some good Mental Maths strategies being adopted! Well done!


HWB – Friendship

All classes were tasked with ‘a friendship challenge’ from the whole school Assembly. Rannoch boys chose the ‘friendship tokens’ challenge, which involves demonstrating kind gestures to peers. The class got as far as preparing a possible list of kind gestures that would earn them a ‘friendship token’ and prepared the tokens themselves for use next week. The idea is that the person with the most tokens at the end of a given day is the person who has demonstrated the most kindness. We decided as a class that the adults would have theirs too and to be given out accordingly. We will try this activity next week now that we have all our material prepared! Watch this space to see who demonstrates most kindness in Rannoch Class!

Reading Skills

Rannoch boys read at different levels. They were learning that it is important to know the difference between an Author and Illustrator and to remember the names of Authors and Illustrators they have liked from their reading, and to recall the books they have really liked reading.


A couple of the boys were working together to construct a bridge. It was no easy task, but working collaboratively to overcome some of the problems, enabled them to sort it. They then played with small cars/ trains along the bridge construction. What fun they had!

Halloween Shenanigans from Rannoch Class!

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Yummy Halloween Cup Cakes!

Rannoch boys were busy making Halloween Cupcakes this week and making good use of their creative skills in decorating their cupcakes with their own Halloween designs. Brilliant job boys! They took them all home to share with their families.

Halloween Party

The School’s Social & Events Committee organised a fabulous Halloween Party for all our pupils. Some of Rannoch Class attended the Party and what a lot of fun they had!


Pumpkin Carving & Turnip Lantern Planning!

The boys all helped carve a fresh Pumpkin for the Halloween Party Competition. It wasn’t an easy job! They also started planning their Arts & Crafts work for next week. They are to make their own lanterns out of turnip!  They marked where the eyes, mouth and nose are to go, and looking are forward to finishing them on Monday! Watch this space for the final efforts next week!


A busy final week in Rannoch Class! w.e. 11/10/19

Friday, October 11th, 2019

Our week started with attending a performance of ‘James & the Giant Peach’!  James was so funny and gave a great performance, along with ‘Aunt Sponge’ who was also so very funny!

The boys worked really hard ‘making’ their 3D model modes of transport out of junk, having done their research last week. They used their research photo collected to look carefully at how they were going to make their own model.  What a great job they all did! There were some difficulties to overcome, but they managed it! They look great boys!

This week the boys were cooking ‘Yummy Flapjacks’ ! First of all most of the boys were not very sure about the ‘oats’ part…would they taste nice? Well, yes, they were very yummy! We made some with fruit and nuts, the other tray was plain. We finished them all off with chocolate. One of the boys (who really really loves chocolate!) really wanted to lick the spoon, so he was allowed to!


We watched a programme that was ‘live’ online at BBC Teach, about ‘Growth Mindset’ and being Resilient. We learned more about different strategies we can adopt for ‘relaxing’ or ‘chilling’ when the time is right.


Rannoch Class w.e 4.10.19

Friday, October 4th, 2019

Rannoch Class have had another busy week, making ‘Cheesy Mash’ with our own School grown potatoes! It was very easy to make and it tasted yummy! The potatoes were already cooked, so we added milk, butter and grated cheese to taste afterwards. The boys were learning new skills like  mashing potatoes, and had to be especially careful with their fingers on the cheese grater!

We also did some more work on ‘Actions & Consequences’ learning that every action has a consequence. The boys had to think really hard about certain situations, and choose to ‘do the right thing’. They drew pictures and wrote some key words to accompany their finished work.

A group of Primary 7 pupils came to ‘Lead the Learning’ in Rannoch Class in Mental maths! What a great job they did! Rannoch P6 boys loved the mental maths strategies demonstrated, and were able to explain what strategy they used in return! The P3/4 Rannoch boys engaged in mental maths activities with another group of P7s and also did really well! Well done everyone! Must do this again soon!

We had a visit from Aaron Gall who is a 4th year student at St Margaret’s. He spent a bit of time in our class. He loved being amongst the boys and sampling the different types of learning they were involved in, mainly mental maths games in different groups.

In project work, Rannoch boys were ‘planning’ to build their own 3D junk model. It involved researching a mode of transport of their choice from the past and cutting and pasting a picture of their chosen mode of transport, ready for a visual cue for next week’s Art/ Craft/ Technology activity.

Rannoch Class w.e. 27/9/19

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Rannoch boys have been busy cooking again this week, using the school garden vegetables. They made Potato, Carrot & Onion soup. They demonstrated lots of safety and helped chop & cut the vegetables for the soup. We left some of the soup wholesome for some of the boys to have, and the rest we blended. Some of the boys don’t like the ‘big bits of vegetables’! It was all very tasty!

For Reading, at their different stages, the boys were learning to look for information from their reading and complete their reading work task on ‘Remembering’ what they had read.

We completed an Autumn wall frieze, listened to an Autumn story, learned about Autumn colours, and about what we see during Autumn time. We then completed  the  Art & crafts wall frieze.

The boys finished their wall display on ‘Different types of transport from around the world’ and also finished work on different ways to travel on land and by air.

During one of the P.E. sessions this week, we went to the school playground. We played  ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with the hoops! It’s a fun new game Mrs MacMaster taught the boys!

Our boys love a challenge  with ‘Construction’ – here  is one of our pupils currently working out how to place together this rather complicated tractor / digger! Well done!

In HWB, the boys did some fantastic work on ‘Actions & Consequences’. We first of all watched a short 8 min film on Actions & Consequences. Then we looked at 5 different ‘negative’ scenarios that do come up from time to time the boys have to deal with in the playground and outside the classroom. There were two answers for each scenario. The boys were to choose what they thought would demonstrate what being  a ‘responsible’ person meant and affirm that understanding with a positive choice.  Collectively, we were learning about sharing, caring, thinking of others, and more importantly, if they caused any hurt to others, that they recognise that, and know and understand that there will be a consequence to negative actions. The boys came up with the consequences themselves, and will be placed up on the class wall so as they will always be referenced, should they be needed in the future.  Great work boys – well done!