About Our School

Mission Statement 

Ogilvie School Campus aspires to provide a safe, stimulating environment where pupils, families, and staff can work together to develop an ethos of positive relationships and shared respect.

The OSC community develops partnerships with each pupil’s local school and community, working together to support equality and social inclusion.

We aim to provide a curriculum which equips our pupils to become responsible citizens, effective contributors, successful learners and confident individuals.


Respect,Trust, Support, Flourish


¨ To provide a positive, stimulating environment where everyone is valued, cared for and feels safe.

¨ To promote an effective partnership that links school, home and community in meeting the educational, personal, social and emotional needs of all pupils.

¨ To raise the attainment and achievement of all pupils by providing a framework for learning which takes account of individual needs, and celebrates success.

¨ To develop in pupils the skills and tools for learning, and a responsible attitude to themselves, to others and our school.

¨ To encourage in pupils self-discipline, independent learning, and active participation in school life and in decisions for their future.

¨ To create a positive ethos that promotes inclusion and equality.


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    1. Many thanks to Anna Borthwick for running our school blog and all staff for uploading the photos of our wonderful children. Thank you to our partners and parents for your contributions. Keep your comment coming to help us improve our blog.

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