A huge thank you to Kai’s Grandad (and family) for their massive fundraising for our school.  We were presented with a cheque for £1,800!  Kai’s Grandad, Alan, is already well on the way with his next fundraising event.  Also, thanks to Stewart for supporting the children with the photograph – here are some where the children are taking photos of each other – developing our young workforce!

Lion class 2019 so far…

After a whirlwind start to the term can finally sit down and share some of the exciting adventures and activities that the Lion class have been up to. Firstly would like to say Happy New year although it does seems like a lifetime ago and January is going past so quickly!  We have started the term with a mini topic on Scotland for 3 weeks and will then be moving onto our new Topic which will be our local community including cafes and parks. This will give us lots of opportunities to handle money within our class cafe (role play) and hopefully arrange a whole class trip to Edinburgh.

In the last 2 weeks we have had a new member of the team join us and she has been getting to know your children and has started to work with small groups supporting the children’s learning experiences. We are very excited that we will be introducing Play Boxes to some of the children this term and will share with you during your child’s IEP meetings what those involved. Play, life skills, fun and development are at the heart of our leaning and when planning activities we take into account all of the children’s needs, likes and dislikes. We greatly appreciate continued communication so if there is anything you would like to share, know or ask please contact us via home/school communication books or drop an email.

With the cold weather still upon us we would like to ask you to send in hat, gloves and scarfs (named if possible) so we can still take the children out and about for experiences out of the class room.

We would like to thank Reverend Stephanie for joining our class on a trip to the park, she spent some time getting

to know the children and playing with them.

Keep an eye on the Blog for updates on the Lion Class.



The Big Bedtime Read

 Fabulous relaxation time today at Big Bedtime Read with pupils and parents/carers.