January in Class 8

How can it be the 24th of January already? 3 weeks into the new term and the pupils in Class 8 are settling into the new timetable and topics very well.

This month our main focus has been Scotland but some of the pupils showed an interest in learning more about The Chinese New Year so this week we were creating displays and eating Chinese food, the pupils in Class 8 are very sociable when food is mentioned! During numeracy lessons we are exploring money and measurement and each child has their own individual targets which they are being supported to achieve.

The class ventured out the the local library this week and all the pupils were excited to be out and about again. We will be focusing on walking independently, road safety, following instructions, choosing a book which interests each individual child, community skills at the library and many more life skills. Over the next few weeks we would love to invite parents into class for an opportunity to observe, join in and discuss the planned activities that the children are involved in. If anyone would like to join us for our weekly walk you will be more than welcome.

Respect, kindness and individualism are very important values within our class are we will continue to develop this at every opportunity! When a child is spotted being kind we have a Kindness Jar in the class and we share what they did with the other pupils and the children can post a Kindness Pom Pom into the jar. Once the jar is filled the pupils all receive a class treat which is chosen before we start filling it up. This term the pupils have voted for ice-cream, movie and crisps (see the running theme of food) I will let you know via the diaries once we have filed our Kindness jar.

I hope you enjoy the small selection of photos of what the pupils have been up to so far!