Common Cold and COVID-19 Symptoms

Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director

To Parents / Carers

31 August 2020
Common Cold and COVID-19 Symptoms
I understand these last few months have often been challenging, particularly for parents and carers. Now that schools and nurseries have returned I am writing to provide some advice where a child or young person in your care presents with symptoms of the common cold or similar bugs during this pandemic.
Following the return of schools after a prolonged break, it is common for colds and similar viral infections to circulate. In many cases, children will be well enough to attend school and continue their learning with little or no interruption to their education. In other cases, for instance where they have quite a heavy cold, they may need to take a day or two off to recover.
This is not the case for children and young people with potential COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to self-isolate and seek a test through or by calling 0800 028 2816.
In order to ensure your children do not miss out on their education, it is important to be clear about how COVID-19 symptoms differ from those of other infections that we normally see circulating at this time of year.
COVID-19 Symptoms
It is important that all of us – including those who make up the community around a school – are vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19 and understand what actions we should take if someone develops them, either at school or at home.
The main symptoms to be aware of are:
 new continuous cough
 fever/high temperature
 loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste

Coronavirus – Jason Leitch Letter on testing and common colds – 31 August 2020

Your Space Scotland at St Joseph’s

Dear Parent/Carers,

I am writing to inform you that St Joseph’s Primary School work with a provision called Your Space to improve the confidence and well-being of children and young people.

Your Space at St Joseph’s will provide emotional and therapeutic support to pupils, families, and staff. The service offers pupils some space to express themselves through talking and creative work and to think about any worries that they may have.

Lunchtime Drop in

One of the most popular aspects on offer at St Joseph’s will be the lunchtime drop-in. Lunchtime drop-in is open to all pupils and allows them to make an appointment to spend 15 minutes with a member of Your Space, either by themselves or with a group of friends. Pupils often talk about friendships or any worries they may have.

 Parental Consent

Unless we hear otherwise from you, the school and Your Space will assume that pupils have their parent/carer’s permission to come along if they so choose. We also assume that you are happy for the school to share with Your Space, your child’s name, date of birth, gender and ethnicity for evaluation purposes, this information will be stored securely and anonymised.

Please contact Natalie Gibb from Your Space at St Joseph’s should you have any questions. Alternatively, if you do not want your child to participate in lunchtime drop-in, you may complete the return slip by Wednesday  2nd September

I do not want my child to participate in Your Space at St Joseph’s


Name of child______________________ Class_____________


Name of parent/carer__________________________________


Signature__________________________ Date_____________

If you have difficulty reading this or wish to print out the letter please download the document below.

Your Space at St Joseph’s2

Glow Logins

Please be aware that from this week;

All Glow users will soon be prompted to change their password the next time they login to Glow. It is envisaged that this will become an annual process which will occur at the beginning of each academic year.

This change is being applied for all Glow users across Scotland.

If you have any devices at home which have saved login details they will need to be updated. The pupil who resets their own password is the only person who will know their password and this should be kept secure. The school does not hold a record of pupil passwords.

Can I remind parents that:

While parents are encouraged to view and discuss learning content at the shoulder of their child, pupils should never share passwords with parents or anyone else.

Cyber security best practice suggests all Glow users should do the following: 

  • Keep your password to yourself
  • Never let anyone else access Glow using your account details
  • Never access the system with another user’s login details
  • Always choose a password in line with the guidance found here:
  • Always choose “no” when prompted to save your password on a device which you share with others
  • Always sign out fully from your Glow session when no longer using it 

Pupils should report any concerns related to access to their login details and should understand how to change their password. As with all aspects of Glow use pupils should report concerns to a trusted adult or use, Report a Concern available across all Glow services.

Parents must not use a pupils’ Glow account to contact the school or your child’s teacher.

All communications should be through the school email or by telephone.


Good afternoon.

Weather permitting, PE will continue to take place outdoors. On PE days children should come to school in their PE Kit.   They should wear their, school polo shirt, school sweatshirt, dark coloured joggers/leggings and trainers as there will be no facility for changing.

PE days are as follows:

P1 Monday /Thursday

P2 Monday/Wednesday

P2/1 Monday/ Thursday

P3 Wednesday/Thursday

P4/3 Tuesday/Thursday

P4 Tuesday/Thursday

P5 Monday/Thursday

P5M Monday/Thursday

P6 Monday/Wednesday

P7 Thursday



First Week

Good afternoon.

Now that we have all completed our first week back at school, it is great to be able to say it has been a huge success.  The children have settled well in their new classes and routines.  The school is buzzing with a hive of activity, in class and in the playground.  We are all very excited about the great things we are going to achieve in the new school year.

We thank you for your perseverance and patience at this time.

Have a fantastic weekend.

St. Joseph’s, school staff.

Primary 1, Primary 2/1 and Primary 2 Updated Dismissal Arrangements.

Good evening.

Dear parents/carers.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation, as we implement the staggered end to the school day for the children of our  infant department.  We appreciate it takes more time than usual. However, it is an essential requirement to ensure the safety of all.  As such, we would like to remind parents/carers of the arrangements for dismissal.

The children will be dismissed in the following order;

P2- Mr Benyon, followed by P1- Miss McCullagh and finally, P2/1- Mrs Warner.  Please stand back from the allocated dismissal zone until it is your child’s turn to be collected. Staff will inform you when it is your turn to move forward and collect your child.

There will be a clearly marked waiting area, located on the grass, at the Zebra crossing, in front of the large gates, leading to the top staff car park.   We ask that you adhere to physical distancing requirements around the school building.

Signage will be in place to remind parents of the arrangements and staff will be available to assist.

Thank you for your continued support at this time.

School Staff


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your patience in receiving this information.

We take this opportunity to express our delight in welcoming our children back to the nursery, on, Wednesday, 12th of August. We appreciate that some of our children may feel a little anxious about doing so, especially with the current climate. Therefore, the health and well being of all children will be at the heart of all we do moving forward.

Having been away from the nursery for an extended period, we recognise that some children may need additional time and support to re-adjust to the nursery environment. We expect our new starts will require significant time, to familiarise themselves with their new setting, this is all very normal. Rest assured, your child will be fully supported by the nursery staff.

The safety and the health and wellbeing of children and staff is our key priority. At all times, we will adhere strictly to the advice from the Scottish Government and WL Council to ensure everyone is safe and well, as we implement the arrangements for a safe return.

Drop off and Pick up

Drop off and pick up arrangements will be different when we return. We will continue to use the entrance on the footpath that runs along the side of the infant playground, where clear signage will be in place to direct parents. We ask that only one adult accompanies your child to and from the nursery. There will be a familiar member of staff waiting at the gate to welcome your child into the nursery, within the outdoor area. Please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather. The adult will then assist your child, helping them with personal belongings. We regret that at this time, adults are not able to enter the nursery building. If staff needs to invite parents into the building, hand sanitiser will be available at entry/exit zones for general use. Provisions will be in place to ensure physical distancing and infection control measures are maintained.


Key Groups

The staff team has developed three key groups of children and wherever possible, have placed children with their friends. Children will remain in these groups during their time at nursery with their designated Key Worker. The staff will continue to review the groups and in consultation with parents, make changes if necessary, to address the needs of your child. We know that for some of our children, this is their first time in the nursery so; additional staff members will be present to support our new starts in their new environment.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment has been carried out and appropriate action has been taken to ensure robust procedures are in place within the nursery setting allowing for a safe return. Over the summer period, it has been cleaned using electrostatic spray and staff will continue with regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces throughout the nursery day. This essential requirement will not impact on your child’s learning experiences. Children will also wash their hands on arrival at the nursery which they will repeat regularly during the session, being encouraged to do so, using social stories, videos and songs.

Contact with Parents

Following the Scottish Government and WL Council guidelines, we are confident that the arrangements being put in place for our return to the nursery will ensure a smooth transition and the safety of all.

We are committed to offering our full support to parents and have made arrangements to contact parents directly, on, Monday, 10th of August 2020, to discuss your child’s return, medical information and inform you of your child’s key worker. Please be advised that the call is likely to be made from a private or unknown number.

Further information on the full detailed plan for our return, including all the specific arrangements will be published on, Monday 10th of August 2020.

We know that not all parents, especially those of our new children, may not be aware of our school Blog or may not visit it regularly. For that reason, we would ask that you share these details with others who would benefit from knowing the arrangements.

Please enjoy the last few days of the holiday, stay safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you all very soon.


The Nursery Team.

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