How To Find Out Your Carbon Footprint, And What Can You Do To Help

How To Find Out Your Carbon Footprint, And What Can You Do To Help

By Joshua Murphy

Here at the Climate Emergency Newsroom, we have been researching many ways you and your families can help fight climate change!

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - A Year of Living Better Guides - The New York Times

What is a Carbon Footprint Calculator?:

A Carbon Footprint Calculator is a resource that allows us to find out the total amount of Greenhouse gas emissions that are generated by our actions.

Where do I find one?:

WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator

This Carbon Footprint Calculator by WWF is the most user-friendly with simple easy to answer multiple choice questions and a hint box at the side that explains any of the questions that you may not understand.

It is also 100% free to use.

What can I do to help?:

  • Ask whoever cooks at home to reduce the amount of processed foods (meat and dairy products) in each meal.
  • Recycle things like plastic, glass, magazines, newspapers and cans as much as possible!
  • Turn of lights when they don’t need to be on, Turn of all devices properly instead of leaving on stand-by mode when not in use.
  • Talk to your family about switching to energy saving appliances such as Light bulbs.
  • Try drive less by doing things such as riding your bike or using public transport when possible.
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