INTERVIEW: Baba Brinkman, The Crisis Rapper

INTERVIEW: Baba Brinkman, The Crisis Rapper

Authors: Kyle Irvine, Cammy Shaw and Sarah Lang


We recently interviewed Canadian science rapper and climate enthusiast Dirk Murray Brinkman AKA  Baba Brinkman. Baba started rapping in his late teens and quickly started rapping about the climate, currently he creates climate change based rap videos. Baba is best known for his “Rap Guide” science themed songs and albums which he has performed all over the world. He has even featured in the New York Times and was named “astonishing” and “amazing”.

Family Background

Baba’s father Dirk Brinkman Sr founded the Brinkman Reforestation LTD which is a company which main goal is to put and end to deforestation (which is when too many trees are being cut down, damaging animal habitats) and have been in practise since 1970, but was fully incorporated in 1979. The company has planted over 1 billion trees and is continuously planting more and more. Brinkman’s mother Joyce Murray has also had her interest in climate change and Co-Founded the Brinkman Reforestation company, and is an MP within the Canadian government where she is a huge climate change advocate. She has written a master thesis which has won the Simon Fraser University Dean’s Convocation Medal for top MBA graduate of 1992.

Find out what Baba had to say about COP26 and the climate crisis;



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