WATCH: Interview With Josh Kennedy MSYP

WATCH: Interview With Josh Kennedy MSYP

By Scott Macmillan

Josh Kennedy, Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament (Credit: @JoshKenMSYP)

Josh Kennedy MSYP is the Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is made up of democratically elected (a voting process where voters vote on who they want to speak on their behalf; the person with the highest number of votes is elected) young people aged between 14 – 25, who represent 12 – 25 year olds in Scotland.

From speaking with Josh Kennedy, I asked many questions in relation to what he would like to see happen within Scotland and the rest of the world on climate change, what he would like to see come out of COP26 (such as any agreements between country’s), as well as what The Scottish Youth Parliament are doing in relation to the climate emergency.



The Scottish Youth Parliament Information

So, how do I get involved?

1. Vote in the Scottish Parliament Elections:

Those aged 12 – 25 who live in Scotland are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections between 8th and 21st of November. By voting you are electing the person who will represent you in the Scottish Youth Parliament (This is called your ‘Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament’ (MSYP) who you can share your views and ideas with).

Learn more about the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Elections, by clicking here.

2. Speak with your Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP):

Every constituency (a collection of voters in an area, such as, a town) in Scotland has 2 elected MSYP’s, you can find out your MSYP by clicking here as well as this their are many volunteering organisations that have MSYP’s, such as, ‘Scouts Scotland’.

You can contact your MSYP and share anything that you want them to raise locally (where you live) or at a national (Scotland) level.

3. Become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP):

If you are between the age of 14 – 25 you can become a candidate (a person who applies to be on the voting list so that voters can vote for them). As an MSYP you will represent (speak for) the young people in your constituency or volunteering organisation by sharing their views.

You can read more about how to become a MSYP on the Scottish Youth Parliament’s website, by clicking here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 2021 Elections are CLOSED for applications of interest (telling SYP you want to be a candidate) for this election.

Find out more information on The Scottish Youth Parliament on their website, by clicking here.

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