WATCH: Interview With Terry McTernan Of The Darkwood Crew: “Helping Ferguslie Flourish”

By Lewis Knox, Charlotte Stevenson, Cara McDade & Luca Assadi


Who are the Darkwood Crew?

They are a voluntary organisation based in Paisley, working towards addressing five main issues in their local area: food insecurity, fuel poverty, isolation/loneliness, mental health, and the environment.

They hold the view that through acting locally, they can change people’s thinking on these matters on a global level – with the environment playing a key factor.


They were formed through an initiative to fix their local village green, a goal which was quickly achieved – allowing room for the group to expand into multiple different roles, all of which helped their local community.

What do they currently do?

They do many services for their community. For example, they collect leftover food from partnered stores, to use to feed their local residents – reducing food waste in their area, whilst helping those in need. Meanwhile, they also continue to stick to their original purpose of protecting/restoring green spaces through their “#TeamUpToCleanUp” scheme and local litter picks.

What are their goals for the future?

Continuing our interview with Mr McTernan revealed his hopes for other areas, to take on similar schemes in their areas, stating the benefits such plans has had not just for his community, but the subsequent environment – reducing wastage, protecting the environment and many more.

How can you implement some of these actions into your local area?

Throughout our research and interview with the “Darkwood Crew” it was clear that the involvement of the local community – to help solve local issues – was at the heart of the organisation. A sentiment which can be replicated in many ways, from external volunteering, donating, and even helping out in your local school community.



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