Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Style – Fashion And The Climate

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Style – Fashion And The Climate

By Clare Winetrobe

Yesterday, many famous faces including Prince Charles and Leonardo DiCaprio attended Kelvingrove Art Gallery for a Stella McCartney (a famous fashion designer) event which was all about how fashion can be made more sustainably in the future. 

What is Sustainable Fashion?

The word “sustainable” means to look after ourselves and make sure we have what we need without risking the needs of other people in the future.

In terms of fashion, “sustainable fashion” is when clothes are made through environmentally friendly ways. For example, they can be handmade, made by organic materials (things that can be grown naturally from the earth) or even have eco-friendly packaging such as paper. 

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What Were Stella’s Ideas?

At the exhibit, “Future of Fashion”, Stella shared the idea of making vegan leather from mushrooms. This means that no animals would be harmed in the process of making this type of clothing.

Just last month, Stella revealed a joint-project with Paul Pogba (Manchester United Football Player) and Adidas which featured 100% vegan football boots, a first for football. By pulling together the Earth’s natural resources and money funded by private businesses, Stella has a vision for fashion to be mainly sustainable by 2030.

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How Can I Support Sustainable Fashion?

You may already be a leader for sustainable fashion without knowing! Here are three ways that you can shop more sustainably for a better and happier planet.

  1. Donate your old clothes to charity shops, where not only can someone reuse them but the profits also go to good causes.
  2. Shop at “swap shops” where you can give in old clothing items that you no longer use and exchange them for second hand clothing that you will use.
  3. If you would prefer to get some money for your clothes, while knowing that the materials they are made from will be recycled, H&M will give you a £5 voucher when you hand in a bag of old clothes, in any sort of condition.



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