Dr Liam Fox MP: “We can all take action in our lives”

Dr Liam Fox MP: “We can all take action in our lives”

By David Fox

Today, I had an interview with Dr Liam Fox, who is a Member of Parliament in Westminster. This means that he helps make all the decisions for our country in London. Because of this he is very knowledgeable about Climate Change and what it means for our country.

What does he think about climate change?

He believes that it is one of the most important issues to address for world leaders and everyone else around the world. Why is this? Well, this is because he knows that climate change is going to change the lives of everyone around the world if it is not dealt with properly while also changing the way that all future children will live.

What has Dr Fox been doing to help?

One of the biggest issues for Dr Fox has been raising awareness of the danger that climate change poses. He has written to many world leaders and travelled around the world to talk to people about how they can act together to fight against climate change. Along with this he says that everyone should be working together in the interest of children around the world to change our future for the better.

How can we deal with climate change?

Doctor Fox says that the most important way that climate change can be fought is by every single person taking action against it in their own ways. What does this mean? When every single one of us make small changes in our lives we can work together and create a very big impact.
We can do this by talking to family and friends about not wasting electricity or using the heating too much.

  • Using public transport or walking to school lowers the amount of cars on the road.
  • Ask your parents if you can change what you eat to lower the meat that you eat.
  • Consider writing to local members of parliament to let them know how important climate change is to you.

When you do all of these small things, they add up to make a big impact!

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